Love Island star Harriett Blackmore's age, job, ex-boyfriend, brother and Instagram revealed

11 June 2024, 09:53

Harriett Blackmore is a Love Island contestant
Harriett Blackmore is a Love Island 2024 contestant. Picture: Instagram/@harriblackmorex/ITV

Harriett Blackmore is looking for her perfect man on Love Island, but who is she? From her age to her job, Instagram, ex-boyfriend, rumoured Premier League brother and celebrity links, here is all the juicy gossip on the 2024 Islander.

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Love Island is back on the TV and we're looking forward to getting to know the season 11 cast better, especially feisty Islander Harriett Blackmore who has been busty making connections with Sean Stone and Joey Essex.

Counting YouTube star Saffron Barker and musician Arrdee as acquaintances, Harriett is no stranger to the celeb world, and following her appearance on Love Island we're sure she'll be a household name in no time.

Whilst she hasn't been in the villa for long, Harriett has hit headlines already after rumours swirled that she had a 'secret boyfriend' on the outside world, despite claiming to be looking for her perfect match on Love Island. Fans have also been convinced she has a celebrity brother who is a Premier League football player, but is any of this true?

Here is everything you need to know about Love Island's Harriett Blackmore, from her age, job, Instagram, ex-boyfriend and those brother rumours.

Harriet Blackmore is looking for love in Love Island
Harriet Blackmore is looking for love in Love Island. Picture: Instagram/@harriblackmorex

Who is Love Island Harriett coupled up with?

Following the first task on the show, Maya Jama asked the girls and boys to rank one another in order of boyfriend and girlfriend material. As the boys decided Harriett could be the worst girlfriend of the bunch, and the girls voted Ciaran Davies as the worst boy, the ended up as a couple.

However, since then, she has moved on to be in a couple with Sean but she also has an interest in former TOWIE star Joey.

How old is Harriett Blackmore?

Love Island's Harriett is 24-years-old. She's hoping her youthful energy will help her on the show, revealing: "I’ll bring the entertainment for everyone in the Villa, whether that’s making the girls laugh or making the boys turn their heads, I’m sure that I’ll bring the drama."

Where is Harriett Blackmore from?

The future influencer is from Brighton. While she hasn't found Mr Right in her hometown, Harriett has described the kind of man she is looking for, stating: "Loyalty and trust, they come as one. Good looks and personality are important too, I need someone with good energy that I can bounce off."

What is Harriett Blackmore's job?

Harriett is a dancer and personal shopper. The Islander has worked with some famous clients in the past, so she is well versed in the showbiz world.

Speaking prior to entering the villa, Harriett spilled the beans on her influencer friends, stating: "Being a bit of an IT girl in Brighton, I’ve done personal shopping for the rapper Arrdee and one of my best friends is Saffron Barker the YouTuber."

Harriett Blackmore is friends with YouTuber Saffron Barker
Harriett Blackmore is friends with YouTuber Saffron Barker. Picture: Instagram/@harriblackmorex

Who is Harriett Blackmore's ex-boyfriend?

Harriett's ex-boyfriend is said to be 25-year-old Josh Curling, as reported by The Sun. Sources told the publication that things between Harriet and Josh aren't over, as she allegedly told her ex she loved him days before she flew to Spain.

This led to Harriett facing claims she had a 'secret boyfriend' on the outside world, however the 24-year-old went on to clarify that she is in fact single and her last relationship ended earlier this year.

The Islander stated: "I broke up recently with my boyfriend in January, so about four months ago. And we've remained in contact because obviously we were together for such a long time, and the break up was quite out of the blue. So I think we both had questions; we both wanted closure in that sort of sense.

"A lot of our lives was with each other. So we remained in contact, but I definitely don't have a boyfriend. He's moved on with someone else. Just to clear that up, we broke up in January."

Love Island - Meet Harriet

Who is Harriett Blackmore's brother?

A video of Harriett went viral before she entered the Love Island villa which appeared to suggest she had a brother who was Premier League footballer.

While Harriett hasn't confirmed who he brother is, she has opened up about the clip, telling the Mail Online: "The video was so many years ago if it's the one I'm thinking of… there's not anything to say about that story.

"If you have seen it, you can see all I'm trying to do is defuse the situation, it was actually one of my really good friends, who is in the public eye, he's a football player, and my brother, and these fans… people were antagonising him, we were just trying to enjoy our night and I didn't think it was fair people were putting cameras in his face.

"I was just trying to mediate the situation and get them away from him."

What is Harriett Blackmore's Instagram?

Fans can follow Harriett Blackmore on Instagram @harriblackmorex.

She regularly shares images of her glamorous outfits as well as her travels around the world.

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