Married at First Sight Australia's Billy Vincent walked out on Susie Bradley after shock bust ups

28 January 2021, 08:38

MAFS' Billy Vincent kicks 'wife' Susie Bradley out of his home after she berated him

Susie Bradley made her 'husband' Billy Vincent cry during Married at First Sight filming.

**Warning Married at First Sight Australia season six spoilers below**

If you’re hooked on Married at First Sight Australia, you will have been introduced to latecomers Billy Vincent and Susie Bradley.

The couple joined the show half way through, and it’s fair to say things didn’t exactly start well.

In fact, the pair had a string of fiery arguments which ended in Billy walking out on Susie before the experiment was finished.

During one awkward scene, Susie raged at Billy for saying he had sweetener in his pantry for her coffee, before realising his flatmate had used it all.

Susie and Billy got into a huge argument at the beach
Susie and Billy got into a huge argument at the beach. Picture: Nine/E4

Billy responded: “If I lied to you and I was cheating on you, yes we'd have a problem, but this is ridiculous.”

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But this didn’t calm his wife down, and she went on a huge rant calling him 'misleading'.

In another shock moment, Susie also accused her husband of ‘lying’ after he said he hadn't surfed for a 'couple of years'.

Susie fumed at the time: “You're a liar and I have to deal with it. You're getting called out and you don't like it. You've lied to me and you're not honest.... you talk s***.”

If that wasn’t bad enough, Susie also claimed that Billy was ‘not manly enough’, before he finally snapped.

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The drama kicked off when Susie’s father flew in from Adelaide to tell Billy he’s ‘not strong enough’ for his daughter.

He said: “You’re way too weak. You’re just not strong enough to do this. You’re talking crap. You know what, I did expect much more from you.”

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A conversation with Susie’s friends over lunch then took a turn for the worse when they told Billy she had never treated her exes like this.

Billy asked: “She doesn’t treat her ex-partners like this. What is it with me? What have I do?”

He then said: “I’m so worn out. This is what happens when you coil up a spring. She’s difficult, she’s nasty and I can’t stand her to tell you the truth.

Susie and Billy went their separate ways after Married at First Sight Australia
Susie and Billy went their separate ways after Married at First Sight Australia. Picture: Nine/E4

"They can have her. They can have Susie. They love her for what she is – a rude, obnoxious, nasty woman.”

Back at Susie's home, Billy continued to tell Susie what he thought of her.

"You know what, that's your problem Susie. You don't listen to anyone and you surround yourself with people who dilute you," Billy slammed.

"That's why you have a bad attitude and bad behaviour and that's why you will not find a nice man. I'm trying to help you, my dear, but you're a brat."

"Let me just say something before I go, you and me are done, completely over, and it makes me extremely happy to say so."

After walking out of the door, Billy added: "This experience has been one of the worst of my life."

You can find out what Billy and Susie are up to now, HERE.

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