Married at First Sight Australia’s Dan Webb broke up with Jessika Power on TV after the finale

17 February 2021, 08:48 | Updated: 2 March 2021, 15:11

Married at First Sight’s Dan Webb furious as Jessika Power is accused of flirting with Nic Jovanovic

Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

Dan Webb and Jessika Power took part in a very awkward interview after Married at First Sight Australia.

**Warning Married at First Sight Australia season six spoilers below**

Let’s face it, Married at First Sight Australia has got us totally hooked.

And while the show originally aired all the way back in 2019 in Oz, here in the UK we’re just watching the drama between Jessika Power and Dan Webb unfold.

Fans of the show will know that Jessika and Dan embarked on a secret affair during filming.

After their partners Mick Gould and Tamara Joy finally discovered the truth during one very uncomfortable commitment ceremony, the stars begged to continue on the show as a brand new couple.

Jessika and Dan appeared on an episode of Talking Married
Jessika and Dan appeared on an episode of Talking Married. Picture: Channel Nine

The MAFS experts agreed, and Dan and Jessika made it all the way to the end of the experiment, vowing to stay together in the outside world.

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But it wasn’t to be, as the pair broke up just a few months later… on TV.

During the finale episode, the experts updated us on the relationship status’ of the whole cast, as well as showing them unseen clips.

At one point they showed Dan the moment Jess had flirted with fellow MAFS star Nic Jovanovic before him at the dinner party.

A row between the pair then broke out, before Dan revealed that there is a massive trust issue between the two.

Jessika Power admits she was in love with Dan Webb on Married At First Sight Grand Reunion

The pair then appeared on an episode of Talking Married, where host Shelly Horton questioned them on the state of their relationship.

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After Jess admitted to hitting on Nic, the pair started bickering again.

When the presenter asked Dan if he was done with his relationship, he said: “To me it is [a bit deal], there’s a lot too it for me. I wish I didn’t watch it tonight to be honest with you.”

Jess then said: “I definitely wish I’d been a bit more honest.”

When Ben Fordham asked: “Can you trust each other three months on. Can you get past it?“, Dan added: “ I don’t know. I just don’t know.”

Jessika Power and Dan Webb break up live on TV after Married at First Sight

After the awkward interview, Dan confirmed to Yahoo Lifestyle Australia that they had split up.

“Me and Jess have split, let’s get that straight. We have broken up,” Dan said.

“There’s allegations coming out that we’re still together. She’s saying we’re still together. We are not together.”

He continued: “So [on] Talking Married, we had a conversation on air. It was live.

“But basically that conversation was me, I just wanted to get to the bottom of the whole situation with her and Nic – if she flirted with him, didn’t flirt with him."

Jess is said to have been really upset after the live TV interview and ‘stormed off’, with Dan adding: “She was very upset and I was upset too watching her being upset.

"We just spoke and I was just honest with her. I said, ‘Look I don’t think I can continue this. It’s toxic, you’re not being honest with me. I can’t have a relationship with someone if they’re not honest with me’.”

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