Nicola McLean clashes with etiquette expert on This Morning in fierce debate over kids’ manners

12 September 2019, 12:10 | Updated: 4 November 2019, 14:57

Nicola McLean argued some etiquette rules are outdated
Nicola McLean argued some etiquette rules are outdated. Picture: ITV

Nicola McLean argued that old-school manners are unnecessary during a fiery This Morning debate.

This Morning presenters Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield are currently filming in the grand location of Downton Abbey’s Highclere Caste in Hampshire today.

And keeping to the theme, the hosts were joined by an etiquette expert along with reality star Nicola McLean who went head-to-head over manners.

William Hanson argued that manners should always be upheld, while Nicola, 37, said times have changed and now she is ‘offended’ by some old fashioned rules.

When talk turned to Thank You letters, William said everyone should follow up a gift, card or dinner party with a hand-written message to show appreciation.

Holly and Phil spoke to Nicola McLean and William Hanson
Holly and Phil spoke to Nicola McLean and William Hanson. Picture: ITV

Getting passionate about the subject, mum-of-two Nicola hit back: “No, absolutely not, my mother got my children thank you letters for after their birthdays but they’re still in the drawer.

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“If they’ve already said thank you, why would they need to say it again?”

Adding that her children - Striker and Rocky - have been taught to always be polite in public, she then went on to admit she does allow them to go on their phones in restaurants and doesn’t find it rude.

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Nicola went head to head with a manners expert
Nicola went head to head with a manners expert. Picture: ITV

“I’m a polite person,” she said, “but I can't expect kids to sit there for two hours without looking at their devices at all."

She later said: "I don’t think there needs to be a level of complete etiquette, that’s also a class thing.

“I probably don’t behave in the same way as you because I grew up in the council estate.”

Viewers at home were totally divided by the chat, as one wrote on Twitter: “I agree I would & have never written a letter to say thank you."

Another said: “I think it’s terrible that a lot of parents let the kids on gadgets so much. Nicola saying if they go out for a family meal her kids can go on the gadgets.”

While a third added: “@thismorning manners are so important! I have 3 boys and are complemented on their manners.”

And a fourth said: “I live on a council estate doesn’t mean I don’t have manners #ThisMorning”