Supernanny shocked as parents admit spending over £3k a month on takeaways

17 August 2020, 14:45 | Updated: 17 August 2020, 14:55

Supernanny Jo Frost met a family who never cooked dinner for their children.

Jo Frost has met her fair share of families over the past decade.

But the Supernanny was left lost for words this week when she met parents who spent $4,000 (£3,055) on takeaways every single month.

In a clip from the US version of the show, Jo can be seen helping Anthony and Bethanie Garcia spend more time with their kids.

Anthony describes himself as a stay at home dad, and has his hands full taking care of their three children, while Bethanie works full time.

Supernanny Jo Frost was shocked by parents Anthony and Bethanie Garcia
Supernanny Jo Frost was shocked by parents Anthony and Bethanie Garcia. Picture: Channel 4

As Jo joined them for lunch, Bethanie could be heard saying: “We usually order almost every meal just because it’s harder to cook.”

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When they were asked why they don’t cook at home, Anthony explained: “It’s just very time consuming, it’s so much easier to just go on the phone, order a meal.

“I enjoy cooking but it’s just balancing time management essentially.”

After being probed on how much they spend on takeaways a year, Bethanie added: “Probably around three or four grand… a month.”

Baffled by the confession, Jo asked: “So, the price of a mortgage for an expensive house?”

During a piece to camera, Jo then revealed she wanted to change the way in which the family eats together.

She said: “Let’s face it, there’s no reason why Anthony can’t go shopping and cook some healthy meals for the entire family.

“If he starts doing that, then he’s going to feel really good about his contribution as a whole, being a stay-at-home dad.”

This comes after Supernanny viewers were reduced to tears earlier this month when a little girl revealed her parents were ‘too busy’ for her.

During a visit to the Bradio family, she met parents Jessica and CJ who wanted help with their four-year-old daughter Rylie’s tantrums.

In one scene, Jo asked little Rylie why she doesn’t ask her parents to play with her.

She then responded: “Mummy is busy” and “Daddy is busy too”.

Jo later told the camera: “Rylie has clearly got the message that her parents can’t make time for her.”

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