The Chase’s Anne Hegerty opens up on sex life and money struggles before fame

10 June 2019, 15:10 | Updated: 2 December 2020, 09:06

Anne Hegerty has opened up about her sex life
Anne Hegerty has opened up about her sex life. Picture: ITV/PA Images
Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

Anne Hegerty has opened up about her sex life, admitting it’s “always better in my head”.

The Chase star Anne Hegerty has opened up about struggling with her love life in a very honest chat.

The 60-year-old is commonly known as The Governess on Bradley Walsh’s ITV quiz show and shot to fame on I’m A Celebrity last year.

But after previously opening up about living with Aspergers, now Anne has admitted she thinks her condition would make it “unfair” on potential partners so would rather stay single.

Speaking about her dating past, the brainbox told The Sun on Sunday: “It took years of psychotherapy before I even considered dating.

Anne Hegerty has spoken out in a candid interview
Anne Hegerty has spoken out in a candid interview. Picture: PA Images

“I lost weight, replaced my glasses with contact lenses and felt a lot more confident. But I find it really hard to hold down a relationship.”

Anne went on to reveal that her longest relationship was with a man she met at the Mastermind Club but that ended after just four months.

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Despite living miles away from her Brighton-based boyfriend in Manchester, Anne admits she still felt "suffocated", adding: “Sex was always better in my head, I felt like I was somewhere else while it was happening.

“It made me realise I needed space both mentally and physically in life, and I can’t make it work.

"I don’t think I ever will. I still get attracted to people but having a relationship isn’t fair on the other person.”

Anne appeared on I'm A Celebrity last year
Anne appeared on I'm A Celebrity last year. Picture: ITV

As well as opening up on her past romances, Anne also revealed how becoming a TV star changed things for her.

Describing her life before the show, Anne told the publication: “I was struggling, I was hungry, I was a freelance copy editor but had very little work.

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“I had to go to Asda, it’s the best supermarket if you’re poor as they have a good basic range, Sainsbury’s is for rich, posh people.

"I would take vouchers, do sums in my head just to get some eggs and bread or a tin of cheap Irish stew. I’d be starving and want two tins but couldn’t afford it."

Anne also admitted she couldn't afford £1.40 for the bus into town, so used to walk three miles to and from her house into Manchester city centre.

Speaking about one of her "worst nights," Anne noted the moment she walked into the Mastermind Club in Manchester but didn’t have any money to buy a drink.

Recalling spending her whole evening "with tears rolling down her cheeks", the star added: "I don’t know where I’d be without The Chase, it changed my life.

Since becoming more financially stable, Anne added said she loved having lots of money, and said "there are very few problems that money can’t solve."