The Chase’s Bradley Walsh shocked as Anne Hegerty reveals secret strategy

15 May 2019, 13:18 | Updated: 2 December 2020, 09:06

Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

The Governess confessed she had a secret way of choosing how much to offer contestants on the show this week.

The Chase has become a weekday tradition for many daytime telly lovers.

And on Monday evening it was Anne Hegerty’s turn to take a group of hopefuls as they battled it out in a game of general knowledge.

But despite hosting the show for almost ten years, Bradley Walsh was shocked when The Governess revealed she had a ritual when it comes to offering her competitors money.

It was a bad start for the players as Adrian was caught by quiz pro Anne in the first round, but things soon picked up when Ryan and Becky managed to make it through to the final chase with £6,000 in the jackpot.

Bradley couldn't believe The Governess' confession
Bradley couldn't believe The Governess' confession. Picture: ITV

It was then the turn of the fourth and final contestant Li who racked up an impressive £5,000 by answering five questions right in the cash builder round.

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Following her success, I’m A Celebrity star Anne offered Li a low offer of £500 to take a step away from the Chaser.

“Woah!” Bradley exclaimed, before adding: “£500 plus. That’s good.”

Anne then responded: “There’s a pattern here! Do you not see the pattern?”, to which Bradley joked: “Um, no I’ve not been paying attention.”

Bradley has never noticed Anne's pattern of offering money
Bradley has never noticed Anne's pattern of offering money. Picture: ITV

When the high offer was then revealed as £55,000, Bradley clocked: “Oh, I get what you’re doing! £200, £2000, £22,000. £300, £3000, £33,000 etc.”

Anne previously offered Ryan £200 as a low offer and £22,000 as a high offer when he answered two questions correctly in the cash builder. While she offered Becky £400 and £44,000 for getting four questions right.

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Following the revelation, Li decided to opt for the whopping £33,000 as she attempted to make it through to the final with her teammates.

Unfortunately, she stumbled at the final hurdle and got sent home after just a few questions.

It was then down to the Adrian and Becky to attempt to take home their money in the final chase, but it wasn’t to be as Anne managed to beat them with 54 seconds still on the clock.

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