The Masked Singer UK: Who has been revealed so far ahead of the final?

15 February 2020, 15:55 | Updated: 15 February 2020, 16:07

Patsy Palmer was revealed as the Butterfly
Patsy Palmer was revealed as the Butterfly. Picture: ITV

By Beci Wood

Tonight all will finally be revealed on The Masked Singer.

It’s probably the most bizarre show on telly, but it's one which has gripped the nation.

And after weeks of guessing and wild shouting at the TV the remaining masked singers will be unveiled in tonight's final.

The guessing game - which originated in South Korea - sees a bunch of celebrities dressed head-to-toe in wacky costumes, while they take to the stage with an iconic song.

Queen Bee is the favourite to win The Masked Singer
Queen Bee is the favourite to win The Masked Singer. Picture: ITV

It’s then up to judges Rita Ora, Davina McCall, Ken Jeong and Jonathan Ross to try and work out who’s behind the mask, as well as a live audience and viewers at home.

There are just three contestants left competing for the crown: Queen Bee, Hedgehog and Octopus.

Queen Bee is the hotly-anticipated favourite to win, with Girls Aloud star Nicola Roberts many peoples' pick of who is behind the mask.

Comedian Jason Manford is a popular choice for the Hedgehog but the Octopus is proving much trickier to guess with cruise ship star Jane McDonald, Ashley Roberts and Katherine Jenkins all popular theories among fans online.

Here's who has been unveiled so far...

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Justin Hawkins as The Chameleon
Justin Hawkins as The Chameleon. Picture: ITV

Who has been revealed on The Masked Singer UK?

Patsy Palmer - Butterfly

Former EastEnders star Patsy Palmer was behind the Butterfly. She said afterwards: “I love singing in general (not that I’m any good) but it's an extremely uplifting thing to do. I love music, it's a total passion of mine. I DJ so I’m constantly playing music. To be able to get on a stage that size was a dream too although I must say I was really nervous.”

Alan Johnson - The Pharoah

Former Home Secretary Alan Johnson was the second to be unmasked when he was the Pharoah,

He said he wanted to take part as the show was 'so weird and wacky" but revealed it was hard keeping his identity a secret. Alan added: “The show is so extraordinary it’s almost perverse to keep mute about it.”

Justin Hawkins - The Chameleon

The Darkness singer Justin Hawkins wowed as The Chameleon in his skin-tight outfits. He said: “I wanted to take part in something that would be slightly surreal, and the secrecy made it a very exciting. Like having an extra-musical affair. I was reluctant to commit to the recordings because I was supposed to be best man at a wedding in Australia, but it was too good to turn down. Haha!”

Teddy Sheringham - The Tree

Footballer Teddy Sheringham was a surprise face behind The Tree. "I've been asked to do everything over the years but always declined. I saw the show that aired in the States and thought I'd love to do that for my kids", he said."

Kelis - Daisy

On January 25, Daisy was revealed as none other than American singer Kelis. She told presenter Joel Dommett she decided to enter the show as she had been previously told her voice was "distinctive" and wanted to see if she would be recognised by her voice alone. Singer Rita Ora was the only one on the night to say it was Kelis behind the mask

The Masked Singer judging panel Ken Jeong, Davina McCall, Rita Ora and Jonathan Ross with host Joel Dommett
The Masked Singer judging panel Ken Jeong, Davina McCall, Rita Ora and Jonathan Ross with host Joel Dommett. Picture: ITV

Skin from Skunk Anasie - Duck

After Skunk Anasie singer Skin was unveiled as Duck, she said: "It was really fun jumping into a completely different character and using it to portray a sillier side of myself that the public rarely get to see, but it was quite difficult to sing in so that held me back a little!"

Jake Shears from Scissor Sisters - Unicorn

Fans got another surprise as the flamboyant lead singer of Scissor Sisters Jake Shears revealed he was the unicorn.Jake said it was tough to keep the secret, explaining: "It was hard at first, because friends could tell I was excited about something but I couldn’t tell them which made them crazy, so I just had to learn to pretend like there was absolutely nothing going on!"

Denise Van Outen - Fox

Telly star Denise van Outen was revealed as the Fox in a tense semi-final last week. She said she never told anyone, not even her close family. "It was fun keeping it to myself" she quipped afterwards.

Cee Lo Green - Monster

US superstar Cee Lo Green was also eliminated at the semi-final stage. He said it wasn't too tricky keeping a secret because he has a "small group of people" who he lives and works with. "We are all essentially a part of staff and we hold each other accountable so therefore a secret is safe with us."

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