The Pembrokeshire Murders: What happened to John Cooper’s wife Pat?

13 January 2021, 08:46

Pat Cooper is played by Caroline Berry in The Pembrokeshire Murders
Pat Cooper is played by Caroline Berry in The Pembrokeshire Murders. Picture: ITV

Caroline Berry portrays Pat Cooper in The Pembrokeshire Murders, but what happened to John Cooper's wife?

ITV is currently airing true crime drama The Pembrokeshire Murders.

The three-part series is based on the book, Catching the Bullseye Killer, and tells the chilling story of the double Pembrokeshire murders committed in the 1980s by John Cooper.

Keith Allen is playing the serial killer, while Luke Evans stars as Senior Investigating Officer Steve Wilkins, who helped to uncover his crimes.

Cooper’s wife Pat is also played by Caroline Berry. But what happened to Pat Cooper?

What happened to John Cooper’s wife?

Pat married Cooper in July 1966 and had two children together, Adrian and Theresa.

Caroline Berry as Pat Cooper in The Pembrokeshire Murders
Caroline Berry as Pat Cooper in The Pembrokeshire Murders. Picture: ITV

She previously worked as a seamstress but was badly injured in 1987 in an accident involving a horse.

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Cooper’s wife died of natural causes in 2009, the same night he was released from prison on parole after serving 11 years for robbery and burglary.

Detective Chief Superintendent Steve Wilkins previously said that the stress of her husband returning to the home had most likely exacerbated her long-running health conditions.

Journalist Jonathan Hill, who penned the book which The Pembrokeshire Murders is based on, previously spoke about Pat.

He said: “Steve [Wilkins] has wrestled with Pat Cooper all the way through, because he’s very sympathetic to her and her life was a living hell.

“It was an abusive relationship. She stayed with him, but she literally dies the night he comes out of prison. Probably because of the stress of him coming out.

“Whether she knew, I don’t know. Maybe in her darkest moments, she had suspicions.

“His son will tell you that on the night of the Scoveston fire, his father wasn’t in all evening, but came in at half 11 smelling of smoke and had a bath.”

The Pembrokeshire Murders is airing over three nights this January.

Other cast members include Owen Teale as Gerard Elias, Alexandria Riley as Jackie Richards, Oliver Ryan as Andrew Cooper and David Fynn as ITV News journalist Jonathan Hill.

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