This Morning fans convinced Holly Willoughby is part of Ant and Dec prank after ‘rude’ behaviour

22 March 2021, 13:59 | Updated: 22 March 2021, 14:25

This Morning fans sure Holly and Phil controlled by Ant and Dec for prank


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Many viewers think Holly Willoughby was being ‘told what to say’ by Ant and Dec on This Morning today.

This Morning viewers were left baffled during Monday’s show when they noticed Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield were acting very strangely.

The presenting duo are normally total professionals in front of the camera, but during the cooking segment, many fans claimed they were being purposely ‘rude’.

As well as talking over the top of James Martin, Phil, 58, kept cutting him off while he was trying to make dessert to talk about himself.

Holly, 40, then interrupted a very perplexed looking James to ask some odd questions, before saying she had cramp in her leg so had to get up and walk around.

Holly and Phil were accused of being 'rude' on This Morning
Holly and Phil were accused of being 'rude' on This Morning. Picture: ITV

And it looks like everyone at home has smelt a rat, with many claiming Ant and Dec must be meddling behind the scenes.

During their much loved Saturday Night Takeaway prank ‘Get out of my ear’, the mischievous presenting duo make celebrities say and do embarrassing things during everyday scenarios.

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“Are Holly and Phil doing #imacelebgetoutmeear?? #thismorning,” asked one This Morning viewer, while another said: “What is going on with Phil and Holly on @thismorning this has to be a, I’m celebrity get out of me ear.”

James Martin was not impressed on This Morning
James Martin was not impressed on This Morning. Picture: ITV

“Any and dec are up to their tricks! Same with Phil and holly on this morning. Can’t wait to see it on Saturday night,” wrote a third,

A fourth then added: “What is happening on itv today? First Lorraine acting strange, now Holly? And now Phil? It’s like Ant and Dec are up to no good behind the scenes! #itv #thismorning #lorraine.”

This comes after Lorraine Kelly was also accused of acting unusually during her show earlier in the day.

Lorraine Kelly's bizarre interview with KSI leaves fans confused

An interview with YouTube star KSI appeared to descend into chaos when Lorraine said a fly was buzzing around her.

She also complained about suffering with cramps and that a mouse had invaded her studio.

When KSI answered Lorraine's questions, she then began to yawn at the camera.

One viewer said on Twitter: "I feel like Lorraine has got Ant and Dec in her ear."

Another added: "Pretty sure Ant and Dec must have been controlling that interview #Lorraine."

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