This Morning fans in fits of laughter as Phillip Schofield ‘farts’ during yoga segment

27 April 2020, 14:27

This Morning fans left in hysterics as Holly Willoughby makes 'fart noises' as Phillip Schofield does yoga

Mared Parry

By Mared Parry

Holly Willougby and the This Morning production team pranked Phillip Schofield on today's show.

Phillip Schofield was left red-faced after he took part in a yoga segment on today's episode of this morning and seemingly left out a cheeky fart.

However, it was all a prank, where his co-star Holly Willoughby made some noises as Phil bent to the side and did some stretches live on air.

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Holly couldn't stop laughing as Phillip tried yoga poses during the segment
Holly couldn't stop laughing as Phillip tried yoga poses during the segment. Picture: ITV

The TV host was trying his hardest to keep his composure but Holly couldn't stop laughing as he did the moves live on air with a yoga instructor.

Once Phillip, 58, finished the section the ITV show cut to an ad break, and many of the viewers took to Twitter to talk about what they may or may not have just heard.

One fan tweeted: "#thismorning who farted during the Yoga exercises!!?#whodunnit", while another added: "Who did the fart noise when Schofield was doing yoga #fart #thismorning"

Holly couldn't stop laughing as Phil did the yoga moves
Holly couldn't stop laughing as Phil did the yoga moves. Picture: ITV

However, as soon as they returned from the ad break, they were quick to clear up any confusion with Holly admitting that the noises actually came from her mouth.

They played back the clip to show viewers, but instead, the crew stitched up Phil and edited a loud fart noise over the clip.

As ever, he took the joke in good faith and laughed along, but he got his own back soon after.

Not even half an hour later, Holly was pranked by Phil as he stitched her up with a fake caller who seemed to be an erratic parent who wasn't able to homeschool his son.

The interview got increasingly heated as the 'father' started questioning Holly on how she parents her own children, but following a later ad break, it was revealed that not all was as it seemed.

The prankster father was in fact Bradley Walsh with the help of his son, Barney.

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