Why is Holly Willoughby late to This Morning today?

1 December 2022, 10:45 | Updated: 1 December 2022, 11:20

Holly Willoughby does This Morning from her son's nativity play

Where is Holly Willoughby and why is she not on This Morning today?

Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield have been cheering up this week with some very festive This Morning episodes.

But fans were left baffled on Thursday morning when Phillip appeared on the famous sofa alone.

"Where’s Holly?," one person wrote on Twitter, while another echoed: "where’s Holly today?"

So, why was Holly late for the show this morning and where has she been? Here's what we know...

Holly Willoughby appears via video link on This Morning
Holly Willoughby appears via video link on This Morning. Picture: ITV

Why is Holly Willoughby not on This Morning today?

Holly was late to This Morning after watching her son Chester in his nativity.

Phillip, 60, revealed the news when he was introduced by Lorraine Kelly, who asked: "You're on your own! Where's Holly?", to which Phillip responded: "I'll explain where Holly is soon..."

He then went on to say Holly, 41, is at her son's nativity play and would be joining him back in the studio later on today.

Following an ad break, Phillip told viewers: "You might notice there is someone missing, that's because Holly is busy doing something that a lot of parents up and down the country can relate to. She is at Chester's nativity play."

Speaking to Phil via video link outside of Chester’s school, Holly, who shares children Harry, 12, Belle, 10, Chester, 7, with husband Dan Baldwin, said she was ‘very excited’ to see her son perform.

Holly explained the show kicked off at 10.15am and featured gingerbread men and ‘Clarence the camel’, with Chester playing Father Christmas himself.

It was also revealed that Chester’s headmaster was standing in for the camera operator as she chatted to Phil.

Following the nativity, Holly headed back to the This Morning studios to present the rest of the show.

Holly Willoughby cracks cheeky joke during Christmas toy segment on This Morning

Viewers at home thought the whole thing was adorable, with one person writing on Twitter: "Lovely to see @hollywills keeping it real for the working mums who broadcast live on @thismorning from her son's school so she didn't miss his nativity play! These important moments matter."

A second added: "I think I speak for a nation when I say that this has absolutely confirmed that @hollywills is just like us".

A third commented: "Can we... talk about how Holly can't just take the morning off work to go to her son's nativity play but has to dial in to work from the play and then rush back to the studio afterwards? #ThisMorning".

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