Hollyoaks fans confused by Jack Osborne's killing confession

20 June 2019, 12:43 | Updated: 29 October 2019, 12:36

Who did Jack Osborne kill?
Who did Jack Osborne kill? Picture: Hollyoaks
Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

Who did Jack Osborne kill in Hollyoaks and why didn't he go to prison?

Hollyoaks veteran Jack Osborne could be about to face the wrath of killer Breda McQueen after their engagement party ended in disaster.

In tonight’s episode of the Channel 4 soap, Breda (Moya Brady) and Jack (Jimmy McKenna) celebrate their upcoming nuptials with a family party at The Dog.

Unfortunately, things take a turn for the worse when Darren announces his concerns that the couple don’t know enough about each other ahead of their wedding day.

Breda then uncovers one of her fiancée’s dark secrets involving the death of a child.

But after viewers caught the 'first look' episode on E4, many have been left wondering who Jack murdered and why he didn’t go to prison.

"Who did Jack Osborne kill?" one wrote on Twitter, while a second added: "When did Jack kill a kid?"

Well... here's everything you need to know.

Will Breda take revenge on Jack Osborne?
Will Breda take revenge on Jack Osborne? Picture: Hollyoaks

Who did Jack Osborne kill?

During a special flashback episode which aired over the Christmas period in 2016, viewers saw a 15-year-old Jack being bullied by his older brother, Billy.

When Billy started to beat up a young boy called Callum, he forced Jack to join in. Jack then delivered one final kick, which resulted in the child’s tragic death.

At the time, Jack avoided jailtime by blaming the murder on his older brother which led to him spending many years behind bars and getting caught up in a string of other violent crimes.

Following Billy’s death in 2016, his daughter Eva was desperate for revenge against Jack and set out to make him pay.

Luckily for the Osborne family, even after Jack took himself to the police station and confessed the historic crime, he was spared time in prison by the courts.

Will Breda kill Jack?

After Breda finds out about Jack’s murderous past, she can be heard saying: “An eye for an eye, or a life for a life,” which hints that the head of the Osborne family could be about to meet a grisly end.

Breda is already responsible for the deaths of Glenn Donovan, Carl Costello, Russ Owen, Louis Loveday and Mac Nightingale - and she’s only been in the village a year.

Actress Moya - who plays Breda - has since teased there’s still a lot more to come from this storyline.

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When asked whether she feels betrayed after learning Jack’s past, she told Metro.co.uk: “Initially yes. But obviously it’s a complex situation.

Breda has a murderous past
Breda has a murderous past. Picture: Hollyoaks

“She is more understanding once she finds out Jack was a child himself, and the terribly tragic circumstances surrounding it.

“You know Breda can take on layers of complexity even though things seem black and white. She gets that it’s not a straight-forward situation and he’s not a bad person.”

She then added: “Breda believes that god comes first and the children come first too so sacrifices must be made..”

Jimmy also hinted his character Jack could be in danger when he told Inside Soap: "You can never take anything for granted in this business!

"People are constantly asking me what's going to happen with this story, but I don't read beyond the episodes I'm filming, so I can genuinely say to them that I don't know.

"It's nice that the viewers are curious, though."

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