Who is still friends from Love Island Australia series one?

13 July 2020, 12:14 | Updated: 14 July 2020, 07:36

Lot's of the Love Island Australia cast are still friends
Lot's of the Love Island Australia cast are still friends. Picture: Instagram
Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

Who from Love Island Australia is still friends now? And did any of them fall out? Here's what we know...

**Warning Love Island Australia spoilers below**

Let’s face it, Love Island Australia has given us more than enough drama to last us the rest of the summer.

The 2018 series, which is airing for a second time on ITV2, has seen the likes of Tayla Damir, Grant Crapp, Eden Dally and Erin Barnett causing all kinds of bust ups in the villa.

But which of the Love Island Australia contestants are still friends now? And who has fallen out? Here’s what we know…

Erin Barnett and Cassidy McGill

They were best friends in the Spanish villa, and Erin well and truly had Cassidy’s back when Grant brutally dumped her for Tayla.

And it seems as though the girls are still good pals on the outside world.

Cassidy and Erin are still pals after Love Island Australia
Cassidy and Erin are still pals after Love Island Australia. Picture: Channel Nine

In a recent Instagram post of the pair, 25-year-old Cassidy said: “She’ll always be my wifey @erin.alysha ❤️ we get asked every day if we’re still friends so I thought I’d make a final statement. She’s stuck with me. Love you forever and ever wifey. P.s no we’re not fighting clearly our sarcasm doesn’t read well online 😂😬”

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Cassidy McGill and Tayla Damir

They might have become love rivals when Grant decided to play them off against each other, but it looks as though Cassidy and Tayla become pals on the outside world.

Cassidy shared a photo of winner Tayla earlier this year, wishing her a Happy Birthday and even calling her ‘an angel’.

Francoise Draschler and Edyn 'Mac' Mackney

She may have only been on the show for a few weeks, but Francoise Draschler clearly made an impact on the other Islanders as she’s still good pals with a lot of the girls.

Her Instagram page is full of photos with Cassidy, Edyn Mackney, aka 'Mac' and Millie Fuller.

The ladies often enjoy nights out together and attend celeb events regularly.

Love Island's Franscoise and Mac still hang out
Love Island's Franscoise and Mac still hang out. Picture: Instagram

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Millie Fuller and Tayla Damir

Millie and Tayla bonded in the Love Island Australia house after both coming to blows with Erin.

And it looks like they are still good friends now, often posing for photos together at events.

The pair are also good friends with fellow Love Island finalist Amelia Marni, with the threesome all posing at the launch of Amelia’s vegan e-book last year.

Millie Fuller and Justin Lacko

Millie and Justin became the best of friends when they were partnered up on the show for two weeks.

While they didn’t have a romantic connection, they have continued to meet up regularly, with Millie recently sharing a gushing post about her BFF.

She wrote on Instagram: “When you catch yourself a good friend hold on to them tight, I mean that literally...As you can see by me gripping onto Justin’s shirt 😂 you can’t escape meeeee 😈 @justinlacko.”

Millie, Tayla and Justin from Love Island Australia are still best friends
Millie, Tayla and Justin from Love Island Australia are still best friends. Picture: Instagram

The pair also hang out with Tayla, with Justin congratulating the pals on their two year friendship anniversary in May.

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Dom Thomas and Josh Moss

These two have been inseparable since leaving the Love Island Australia villa.

As well as launching their own podcast together, these two also did a lot of double dating with Josh’s girlfriend Amelia and Dom’s ex Tayla.

But while Dom and Tayla have since broken up, Dom still spends a lot of time third wheeling with Josh and Amelia.

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Josh Moss and Erin Barnett

Josh and Erin struck up a close bond during the summer of 2018, and they seem to have continued this back in Aus.

Josh Moss and Edin Barnett are still good friends
Josh Moss and Edin Barnett are still good friends. Picture: Instagram/Channel Nine

In a recent birthday message to his pal, Josh wrote: “Bit late but happy birthday for yesterday to the second funniest islander ever @erin.alysha 😆🎉

“Had a lot of ups and downs during my time in the villa but no matter what you always had my back! Wouldn’t have had half the laughs without you there!!!”

And it looks like plenty of the other Islanders are also on good terms after they bumped into each other at a festival in New South Wales last summer.

Sharing a sweet picture alongside Josh, Amelia, Shelby Bilby and Millie, Mac wrote: “The people you run into at festivals 🙊😍 (plz excuse my outfit I was freezing and kept adding layers until I looked like a marshmallow 😂)”.

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