Who is Cleaning Up actor Matthew McNulty? Sheridan Smith's hunky co-star revealed

9 January 2019, 16:07

Matthew McNulty
Matthew McNulty . Picture: ITV

Sheridan Smith's new drama Cleaning Up is set to be a hit with viewers when the ITV drama but who is her co-star Matthew McNulty? We reveal his age, career, wife and more.

Sheridan Smith's new drama Cleaning Up is set to be a hit with viewers when the ITV drama airs on Wednesday, but it's her hunky co-star actor Matthew McNulty is who will be on everyone's lips.

The Manchester native is set to star opposite Sheridan's character Sam as her estranged husband Dave in the six-part drama.

So what do we know about Matthew McNulty? We have all your questions answered.

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Who is Matthew McNulty?

Matthew's TV career started back in 2001 when he played Dominic Skelton in Emmerdale. After his stint in the Dales he went on to star I a string of other dramas including Holly City and Channel 4 series Misfits.

You may also know Matthews from other dramas including Jamaica Inn, The Mill, The Musketeers, The Terror and Versailles.

Matthew McNulty age

Matthew is 36 years-old.

Matthew Matthew wife and kids

According to his Wikipedia, Matthew is married to his wife Katie and they have three kids together, two sons and a daughter.

Sheridan Smith and Matthew McNulty
Sheridan Smith and Matthew McNulty star in Cleaning Up . Picture: ITV

What is Cleaning Up plot?

The drama covers some touching issues, in particular how gambling and addiction can have an impact on children.

Written by Mark Marlow, Cleaning Up follows the story of office cleaner Sam (Sheridan Smith) who is struggling to control her life as a devoted mum-of-two after becoming addicted to online gambling.

After racking up huge debts, her husband leaves her and things go from bad to worse when she get a job working a zero hours contract.

Speaking on his role, Matthew said: “I hope the audience might sympathise with Dave. You do feel for him and the situation he’s found himself in. It’s not his fault. Maybe he did make a bad decision, but he was driven to it.

Sam also knows she has done something wrong. It’s not just him.

“That’s life. People do things and they make mistakes. You could take a slice of anyone’s life, judge it and paint them in a bad way. But you have to look at the full picture.”

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