Susan Boyle REPLACED on Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions

26 July 2019, 12:04 | Updated: 26 July 2019, 12:13

Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

SuBo is reportedly being replaced on Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions after a scheduling clash.

With Simon Cowell set to bring us Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions later this year, the rumoured line-up has been circulating on social media.

But while 2008 runner up Susan Boyle has become one of the show’s biggest successes, she’s now reportedly been replaced on the spin-off by 2011 winner Jai MacDowall.

Apparently, boss Simon Cowell has been desperate to get SuBo back to the stage, but due to her packed schedule, ITV bosses have had to bring in Jai to take her spot.

A source told The Sun: "She’s done America’s Got Talent: The Champions and has dropped her eighth studio album Ten – it’s been non-stop.

"She was excited to be asked to take part in the show, but has got so much on she doesn’t know if she can make it work."

"It’s been a decade since her debut on BGT, and despite the all star series coming up, it’s not looking like she’s returning just yet."

Jai MacDowall is said to be replacing Susan Boyle
Jai MacDowall is said to be replacing Susan Boyle. Picture: PA Images

Revealing that producers “didn’t want to be short of contestants”, the source added: “Jai was ecstatic and will be putting his heart into the show, in the hope of making it right to the end.”

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To confirm his spot, Scottish singer Jai, 33, is said to have successfully auditioned against 2014 finalist Lucy Kay.

A spokesperson for SuBo told The Sun: “Susan has a busy year ahead with lots of performances coming up, trips to the US, headlining BBC Proms in September, as well as preparing for her upcoming tour.

"She is enjoying celebrating the decade since she first appeared on BGT and her life changing for the better.

“She loved being part of AGT Champions and, whether she is able to make it or not, wishes the contestants taking part on BGT Champions the best of luck.”

It’ll be a huge disappointment to fans if Susan can’t make the show as she has sold more than 20 million albums since appearing on Britain’s Got Talent a decade ago.

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When she appeared on America’s Got Talent: The Champions last year, Simon told her he had “goosebumps on my goosebumps,” before adding: "That really, really took me back, all those years.”

Meanwhile, it was also revealed last week that 2009 winners Diversity dropped out of the line up as well.

The group’s dance leader Ashley Banjo said: “Who would have thought ten years ago when we won BGT we would be preparing for our biggest tour yet, Born Ready.

"While we are unable to take part, we wish all the acts the best of luck.”

Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions will see the most famous acts from the past 12 years go head-to-head, with Simon reportedly boosting the prize fund from £50,000 to a generous £100,000 for the lucky winners.

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