Celebrity Circle catfish: Nadia Sawalha and Kaye Adams to play as Gemma Collins

22 February 2021, 15:29 | Updated: 25 February 2021, 12:17

Nadia Sawalha and Kaye Adams were announced at The Celebrity Circle's first catfish over the weekend.

We don't have too long to wait until The Circle UK is back on our screens again, with a celebrity version of the Channel 4 will air next month.

The Celebrity Circle is in aid of Stand Up To Cancer, and will see famous faces including Charlotte Crosby, Denise van Outen, Duncan James, Kaye Adams and Nadia Sawalha join the famous social media app.

Fans of the show will know that each contestant in The Circle can either play as themselves or a 'catfish' - and the celeb catfish have now been revealed.

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It has been confirmed that Nadia and Kaye will play as Gemma Collins, with the official Circle Twitter account posting: "Making sure this catfish has no loose ends, @nadiasawalha and @kayeadams are going full diva in #TheCelebrityCircle #TheCircle".

It was later announced that another contestant - Baga Chipz - will also be a catfish, and will play as Kim Woodburn.

Baga said: "I want to go in there and try and be the Kim I know.

"Obviously, I'll be saying, 'Hey, be cleaning up after yourselves' and 'Oh, you're a lovely... What a good-looking fellow you are. If I were 20 years younger' and all that.

"But I'm going to also be like, 'Yeah, well, people know me from Big Brother, but they were actually rat bags, and I want to show the real me.'"

Who is in The Celebrity Circle line-up?

The confirmed cast for the series are as follows:

  • Baga Chipz (playing as Kim Woodburn)
  • Charlotte Crosby (playing as Peter Andre)
  • Denise van Outen
  • Duncan James
  • Kaye Adams and Nadia Sawalha (playing as Gemma Collins)
  • Lady Leshurr (playing as Big Narstie)
  • Melvin Odoom and Rickie Haywood-Williams (playing as will.i.am)
  • Pete Wicks and Sam Thompson (playing as Rachel Riley)
  • Saffron Barker


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