The Chase contestant left red faced as Bradley Walsh forces him to 'propose' on air

10 September 2020, 12:09

A contestant on The Chase was forced to propose
A contestant on The Chase was forced to propose. Picture: ITV

A contestant on The Chase got more than he bargained for when Bradley Walsh asked him about his relationship.

Bradley Walsh put one contestant on the spot yesterday when he practically forced him to propose to his girlfriend during the show.

Assistant Marketing Manager Oli wanted to win some money to take his other half away on holiday, but seemed taken aback when Brad started probing him about his relationship.

26-year-old Oli said: "My girlfriend and I like to sample lots of different cuisines, so we like going to restaurants, after payday.

Bradley, 60, then asked: “If you win some money today what would you do with it?"

Oli appeared as a contestant on The Chase
Oli appeared as a contestant on The Chase. Picture: ITV

Oli replied: "I would love to go over with my girlfriend to Australia and live there for a little while, we would like to dive the Great Barrier Reef."

To which Bradley asked: "What's your girlfriend's name?,” and Oli answered: "Faye."

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But things then got awkward when the presenter probed: "Are you engaged?”

"Err, well, depends on how much money I win," Oli laughed, as Bradley pressed on: "Is that a proposal?"

Oli finally added: "Err, potentially.”

After the uncomfortable encounter, Bradley turned to the camera and joked: "Faye, it's a yes from us, you've captured him."

Unfortunately, Oli didn’t make it through to the final chase to win some money for his girlfriend, so the proposal might be on hold for a while.

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Elsewhere in the show, Bradley was left in hysterics when final quizzer Stella gave a hilarious answer to one of the questions.

"Which of these is a nebula located in the constellation Draco?" Bradley asked her.

The options available were A) Chicken's Foot, B) Cat's Eye, or C) Camel's Toe.

Bradley tried to stifle laughter at the innuendo of answer C, and when Stella actually picked Camel’s Toe, he couldn’t control himself.

The Chase host put his head in his hands as he broke down in hysterics, with Stella and Chaser Anne Hegerty both giggling.

Just like Oli, Stella didn’t make it through and contestant Peter was left to battle Anne on his own.

Although he built up an impressive 16 steps on his own, Anne beat Peter with over 40 seconds to spare.

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