Who is Too Hot To Handle's Chase and what football team does he play for?

30 June 2021, 17:33

Chase DeMoor is one of the contestants on Too Hot To Handle - find out his age, Instagram, job and TikTok.

The first episodes of Too Hot To Handle season two dropped on Netflix last Wednesday, and we're absolutely obsessed with the new series.

If you aren't familiar with the show, it's a bit like Love Island in that it sees a group of singles move into a villa to date and get to know each other.

The catch, though, is that they cannot snog, be intimate or canoodle in any way - and risk losing huge chunks from the $100,000 prize money if they do.

One of the contestants is Chase DeMoor, a footballer.

Here's your need-to-know on him.

Chase is a footballer and contestant on Too Hot To Handle
Chase is a footballer and contestant on Too Hot To Handle. Picture: Netflix

Who is Chase DeMoor? What's his age and job?

Chase, 24, is an American Footballer from Seattle, Washington.

He described himself as '100 per cent the alpha male' in his VT, and added that his sex drive has 'skyrocketed through the roof' after coming out of a five-year relationship.

What football team did Chase DeMoor play for?

Chase has played as defensive end for teams Arizona Rattlers and the Houston Linemen.

What's Chase DeMoor's Instagram name?

You can follow Chase on Instagram @chasedemoor.

How can I follow Chase DeMoor on TikTok?

You can follow him @chasedemoor.

How does Too Hot To Handle work?

While the contestants do go on dates, they aren't allowed any close contact at all.

If they do get intimate with each other, they risk losing huge sums from the $100,000 prize fund.

Speaking to Heart.co.uk, Larissa - one of the contestants - said that finding out about the rules was 'super disappointing', adding: "because the show had been portrayed as Parties in Paradise - a group of singles getting together, partying. They pitched it as if the boy or girl who got to the end who could party the hardest would win $100,000."