Don't Tell The Bride groom branded 'worst ever' after arranging cave wedding her family refused to attend

5 November 2019, 11:57

Viewers took to Twitter to blast the groom for his wedding plans

Don't Tell The Bride viewers were stunned last night after a groom organised his wedding ceremony in a cave - and some branded him the worst in the show's history.

His bride-to-be Leona had always hoped to have an outdoor ceremony - but in a fairy light adorned woodland, not a dark and dingy cave.

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She said at the beginning of the episode: "My dream wedding would be a woodland setting, white lilies everywhere, really elegant fairy lights all twinkling in the background.

Steve had some very big plans for their big day...
Steve had some very big plans for their big day... Picture: Channel 4

"I would like something very classy and sophisticated."

However, groom Steve instead spent a whopping £13,000 on a ceremony in the damp cave - and held a Wild West-themed reception.

And, in a shocking twist, Leona's family refused to attend the ceremony after falling out with both Steve and his relatives.

The couple are from Leeds and, as there were no caves nearby, they had to travel 100 miles for the ill-fated ceremony.

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And before the wedding location was announced, Leona's mum said: "My only [wish] is that he keeps it local because you've got your granddad and grandma."

The bride added: "Yeah they wouldn't be able to go far. I want everyone there I love which is one of my biggest fears. I want him to think about me too."

Leona was devastated when just her dad turned up to the wedding
Leona was devastated when just her dad turned up to the wedding. Picture: Channel 4

The family were then outraged to learn that her 85-year-old grandfather would be expected to sleep in a bunkbed.

Leona said: "I feel very hurt by the fact that my own partner has put my mother in tears and if the people he loves are just there - what's the point of me being there?"

More shockingly, when Leona's stepfather raised his concerns about the sleeping arrangements with Steve, he replied: "Don't come then".

He then said: "I'm not in the mood for it in the slightest. They can ram it as far as I'm concerned.

"It's the night before, I've looked in the local area and there's 40 hotel rooms still available. You want to book your 85-year-old dad a hotel room then book it because I've never met him."

In the end, Leona's dad was the only member of her family to attend her wedding.

Upon realising most of her family wouldn't be there, Leona said: "I'm devastated. If this comes between me and Steve then I've lost the man who I'm head over heels in love with."

And as she made the journey into the centre of the cave, Leona said: "Oh god, I don't want to do this.

Many members of the bride's family refused to turn up to the wedding
Many members of the bride's family refused to turn up to the wedding. Picture: Channel 4

"All my family are down there and I'm getting married in front of all of his family."

Viewers took to Twitter to blast Steve for his actions, with one person writing: "As someone who's lost all of their grandparents and who never saw me get married, if I was in Leona's position I would be devastated.

"I just want to give her a massive hug and the biggest glass of prosecco in the world."

Another added: "OMG her whole family went home?? Gobsmacked."

A third fumed: "This is the WORST wedding ever on Don't Tell the Bride. What a pair. Such a w*****."


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