Hollyoaks Silas Blissett spoilers: Is Mercedes McQueen leaving as the villain returns?

22 October 2020, 08:42 | Updated: 22 October 2020, 09:02

Silas is back on Hollyoaks
Silas is back on Hollyoaks. Picture: Lime Pictures/Channel 4

Silas is back on Hollyoaks, but what has he got planned for Mercedes McQueen? Find out all the spoilers...

Hollyoaks is celebrating its 25th anniversary this month, and what better way to celebrate than bringing back the soap’s most notorious serial killer.

Yep, Sillas Blissett (Jeff Rawle) was sensationally revealed as the man behind the Seven Deadly Sins blackmail against Mercedes McQueen (Jennifer Metcalfe) and her family.

Silas fled the village in 2016 after he was tempted back by killer Lindsey Roscoe, before murdering her and kidnapping Mercedes.

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But after letting Mercedes go, it looks like he is back to finish what he started.

So what is going to happen to the McQueen family now that Silas is back? Here’s what we know…

Silas is back to get revenge on the McQueens
Silas is back to get revenge on the McQueens. Picture: Lime Pictures/Channel 4

Why is Silas Bissett back on Hollyoaks?

The McQueen family - Mercedes, Theresa (Jorgie Porter), Goldie (Chelsee Healey) John Paul (James Sutton), Sylver (David Tag), Nana (Diane Langton) and Cher (Bethannie Hare) - have been terrorised by a creepy doll for days.

The stalker has been threatening to expose their darkest secrets, and even had Sylver arrested for the murder of his mum Breda McQueen.

Sylver was later let go by police, but deciding to stand up to the blackmailer, Mercedes told her family to ignore them and not give in to the demands.

In a terrifying moment, Silas then appeared behind her in the village and stalked her as she returned to the pub.

Mercedes is being stalked by Silas on Hollyoaks
Mercedes is being stalked by Silas on Hollyoaks. Picture: Lime Pictures/Channel 4

And viewers already have their theories on what Silas is up to as he was spotted on the phone with someone else who is in on the mystery plot.

He was heard saying: "I told you this game was a pathetic charade. Well, whatever happens next, remember they brought it on themselves!"

After watching the episode, one fan Tweeted: "I bet the other one is Cleo," referencing the absent McQueen.

Another predicted Mercedes' young son might be holding a grudge after his mum’s affair with Liam Donovan, as they wrote: "Bet Silas has been keeping in touch with Bobby on the sly."

Will Silas murder Mercedes in Hollyoaks?

It seemed as though Silas was about to murder his long standing nemesis Mercedes, but was stopped in his tracks when he realised she was pregnant.

Mercedes was previously seen sharing the happy news with her delighted husband Sylver and the rest of their family.

But with Silas deciding against harming Mercedes while she was carrying a baby, will he target someone else instead?

Silas actor Jeff Rawle revealed: “I am thrilled to be returning to be a part of Hollyoaks’ 25th anniversary – I think Silas has had a big following over the last ten years, and even when Silas has not been onscreen, we always know he’s out there somewhere…”

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