Jason Oppenheim teases Selling Sunset spin-offs - and says London version would be an 'amazing project'

17 September 2020, 16:18 | Updated: 12 January 2022, 08:23

Jason Oppenheim teases possible Selling Sunset spin-offs

Polly Foreman

By Polly Foreman

Jason Oppenheim exclusively told Heart that he'd be open to doing spin-offs of Selling Sunset - and London would be his first international choice.

Selling Sunset is up there with the biggest reality shows of the year, and we're not ashamed to say binged pretty much all of it in one sitting.

The Netflix programme, which follows the Real Estate Agents of luxury brokerage firm 'The Oppenheim Group', is the perfect escapism TV - and full to the brim with drama.

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Selling Sunset follows Real Estate Agents in LA
Selling Sunset follows Real Estate Agents in LA. Picture: Netflix

At present, the firm only operates in LA, but Jason Oppenheim said toward the end of season three that he'd be open to founding more branches in US cities like New York and Miami.

We caught up with Jason to ask whether potential spin-offs to Selling Sunset could be on the horizon, and he told us that he'd be 'open' to shows in other cities

He told us: "In terms of a spin off directly related to Selling Sunset - Selling Miami or Orange County or whatever - I'm open and I would discuss that because I think if I'm going to open up another office anyway, why not have a show about it? But I haven't had definitive conversations about that."

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Jason is the owner of The Oppenheim Group
Jason is the owner of The Oppenheim Group. Picture: Netflix

And excitingly for us Brits, Jason also said that London would be the 'first place' on his list if we were to expand his firm internationally - but did add that he'd want to 'restructure' the current system in the English capital.

He said: "Internationally, I think London would be the first place, but I’d have to completely restructure your real estate system, which is not an endeavour that I’d want to take on right now.

Jason added that he's 'not comfortable' with the system used in the capital - which he says is "real-estate brokerage-focused" rather than "real estate agent-focused".

Jason said he'd be open to Selling Sunset spin-offs
Jason said he'd be open to Selling Sunset spin-offs. Picture: Netflix

He added: "The buyer doesn’t work with an agent, they’ve got to go to different brokerages to find a house and work with different agents in different areas - it makes absolutely no sense."

And speaking about how he would expand to London, he added: "I’d not only have to start an office, but I’d have to figure out a way to restructure things, and that’s a huge task - and you guys are so entrenched in the way you do things, I’d probably get nowhere."

"That would be an amazing project, but I don’t want to pretend that I can go out there and upend the London real estate system."


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