Joel Dommett teases Masked Singer A-lister as he spills on celebrity identities

1 February 2020, 14:56 | Updated: 11 February 2020, 10:36

The Masked Singer presenter has opened up about what celebrities are behind the masks - and teased some huge stars will be unveiled.

Joel Dommett has teased that there is a massive a-list celebrity still-to-be unveiled on The Masked Singer, following Kelis being revealed as the Daisy last week.

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Speaking exclusively to Heart at the National Television Awards along with his wife Hannah Cooper, he hinted that he was shocked by how famous one celeb unmasked in the final was.

Joel and Hannah teased some big names yet to come
Joel and Hannah teased some big names yet to come. Picture: Heart

"It's been such a pleasure to be a part of it, everyone's chatting about it. I get grabbed on the street about three times every day of someone saying 'I need to know, who is Hedgehog?' And I just love having secrets."

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Speaking about celebs yet to be unmasked, he added: "Oh my God. The ones that are left are insane. The names in the final are like 'what?!'

The Masked Singer has gripped the nation
The Masked Singer has gripped the nation. Picture: ITV

Hannah - who was at the final - added: "You're like 'that can't happen'. I was checking their Instagrams, I was trying to figure it out. I was like 'are they busy?' Are they here? You go into spy mode."

And Joel added: "I love that it's bringing out everyone's inner Sherlock."

The Daisy was unmasked as Kelis last Saturday
The Daisy was unmasked as Kelis last Saturday. Picture: ITV

The Masked Singer returns for its fifth week this weekend, and Kelis became the latest celeb to be unmasked last Saturday.

She recently opened up to Lorraine Kelly about the extreme measures the celebs have to go through to keep their identity a secret, saying: "You're not even supposed to see anyone. The weirdest thing is being there and not having contact with anyone at all.

"You have shirts on that say 'don’t speak to me', you're not allowed to talk to anybody."


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