Love Island's Sianisse fuming as brutal game reveals Luke T’s ‘disrespectful comment’

12 February 2020, 22:05 | Updated: 12 February 2020, 22:17

Siannise Fudge was at the centre of the drama on tonight's Love Island.

Things got very dramatic on Love Island tonight after a brutal game of “Newsplash” revealed what the public really think about the contestants.

Unfortunately, it was Siannise Fudge who was left reeling when she found out something her other half Luke Trotman had said to the boys.

Reading out a headline, Shaughna Phillips said: “Love Island fans predict heartbreak for Siannise after Luke T told the boys she stripped naked for him.”

Fuming over the revelation, Siannise slammed: "Whether I got naked or not that’s mine and his business and he should respect me more than to go around bragging about it."

Love Island's Siannise was fuming over Luke T's confession to the boys
Love Island's Siannise was fuming over Luke T's confession to the boys. Picture: ITV

In a sneak peek of tomorrow's episode, an argument between the couple kicks off as she then adds: "It has made me wary of him..."

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This comes after the pair spent a night in the hideaway, where Siannise gave him a lap dance before they returned to the main bedroom the next day.

He told the boys afterwards: "She took off all her gear, it was under the covers but still."

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Siannise wasn't impressed with Luke on Love Island
Siannise wasn't impressed with Luke on Love Island. Picture: ITV

And it looks as though Love Island fans predicted what was to come, as one Tweeted at the time: "Siannesse didn’t tell the girls she got naked but Luke m told the boy’s ARGUMENT PENDINGGGGGGGG #LoveIsland".

While a second said: "Luke telling the lads she was naked under the covers will blow up in his face. You heard it here first. #LoveIsland".

Elsewhere in the show, Shaughna shocked fans when she revealed she has a thing for Luke Mabbot.

Shaughna was brutally dumped by Callum Jones during the Casa Amor twist, and has since been single.

Despite having a good date with new boy Jamie last night, she seems to have someone else on her mind.

Shaughna admitted her feelings for Luke M
Shaughna admitted her feelings for Luke M. Picture: ITV

Speaking to Mike Boateng, she said: “Do you know who I do get along with? Luke M…”

To which Mike replied: “He’s a cool guy. Do you think you could possibly go there?”, with Shaughna replying: “I don’t know.”

She continued: "I think since Jamie has come into the villa and been chatting to me and what not, it’s made me realise some things. I think I might have some feelings for Luke M…”

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