Who is Love Island's Hugo Hammond? Meet the P.E. teacher and former cricket star from Hampshire

30 June 2021, 20:09

Love Island: Hugo reveals all about the 'half-night stand'

How old is Hugo Hammond and what cricket team did he play for? Here's what we know about the Love Island star...

Love Island 2021 is finally here, and we have been introduced to a whole new group of singletons.

And this year, Hugo Hammond has joined the line up as the first ever disabled contestant.

But what do we know about Hugo? Find out everything…

Hugo Hammond is a PE teacher and former cricket star
Hugo Hammond is a PE teacher and former cricket star. Picture: Instagram

How old is Hugo Hammond?

Hugo Hammond is a 24-year-old from Hampshire.

Asked how his friends and family would describe him, the Islander said: “Tall, dark and handsome. That was a cliché answer!

“The real answer is funny, around my friends and family I’m always the one to get things going and to have a laugh.

“Charming, self-proclaimed charmer. I’ve got the gift of the gab which has put me in good stead when I’ve been single in the past.

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“And I’m a gentleman, my mother raised me well. I’m very respectful.”

What is Hugo Hammond’s job?

The Love Island star is a P.E. teacher and former cricket professional.

Opening up about his job, Hugo said: “I teach secondary school PE. Absolutely love my job.

“I love all my sports. It’s great to be able to pass on that enthusiasm to be physically active to the younger generation and hopefully they feel the same about me teaching them.”

Hugo has also played cricket for England PD (Physical Disability), travelling all over the world to compete.

What is club foot?

Hugo is Love Island’s first ever disabled contestant, after he was born with club foot.

Club foot, also called talipes, is a condition where a baby is born with a foot or feet that turn in and under.

It happens when the Achilles tendon is too short and can affect both on one single foot.

According to the NHS, the condition is more common in boys and affects around 1 in every 1,000 born in the UK.

Speaking about his condition, the singleton said: “I had lots of operations when I was a kid.

“You can only really tell when I walk barefoot. I’ve got a really short achilles heel. I walk slightly on my tip toes.”

What is Hugo Hammond’s Instagram?

If you want to see cute photos of Hugo with puppies, check out his Instagram page @hugo_hammond_.

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