How to follow the Married At First Sight Australia season five cast on Instagram

1 September 2020, 16:57 | Updated: 4 October 2020, 15:52

How to follow the Married At First Sight Australia cast on Instagram
How to follow the Married At First Sight Australia cast on Instagram. Picture: Instagram

Love Island season five cast on Instagram: the handles of Tracey Jewel, Dean Wells, Sarah Roza, Alycia Galbraith and more.

The fifth season of Married At First Australia is currently airing on E4, and it's fast becoming our newest TV obsession.

The series originally aired in 2017, and sees a range of singletons paired up by a team of psychologists and dating experts - before meeting for the first time on their wedding day.

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While the couples don't legally get married on that day, they do head off on a honeymoon and live together before deciding whether to tie the knot for real.

Here's how you can follow the cast on Instagram.

**Warning: spoilers ahead**

Tracey Jewel Instagram name

Tracey was paired up with Dean Wells on the show, with the pair hitting it off when the first met.

However, romance sadly wasn't meant to be - and the couple have since split.

You can follow Tracey @traceyjewel_ify.

Dean Wells Instagram name

Dean has since taken part on Dancing With The Stars and is the Creative Director of Arcade Studios.

You can follow him on Instagram @deanwells.

Sarah Roza

Sarah was paired up with Telv Williams, and the pair opted to tie the knot at the final ceremony.

However, they subsequently split in 2019.

You can follow Sarah on Instagram @sarahjaneroza.

Telv Williams Instagram name

You can follow Telv on Instagram @telv_williams.

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Enjoy the journey UK 🇬🇧

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Alycia Galbraith Instagram

Alycia and her partner Mathew ended up dropping out of the process before the finale, with Mathew later revealing that they were too different.

He said: "She’s got this innocence and I’m a brat," adding: "I felt uncomfortable around her."

Davina Rankin Instagram

Davina and her partner Ryan Gallagher broke up before the process had finished, with Davina even admitting she shared a kiss with co-star Dean Wells.

You can follow Davina on Instagram @davvyxx.

Ryan Gallagher Instagram name

You can follow Ryan on Instagram @ryangallaghergram.

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My little man (you have to look for him hes dark)

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Charlene Perera Instagram

Charlene Perera and her partner Patrick Miller ended up tying the knot, but they announced their split on social media soon after.

You can follow Charlene on Instagram @thisischarlenep.

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Just a girl with curls and an MBA! . 18 months, 700+ contact hours, 2900 lecture slides and over 30000 A4 pages read! Don’t worry I didn’t run those numbers. . Thinking back though this MBA journey I couldn’t even list the amount of things that have happened personally, professionally or globally (ummm a pandemic) and yet here we are at the end of it. We never thought that we would be celebrating via zoom but so it is (obviously the party will still happen, - but we will also always have Jakarta) . So many amazing learnings that have changed me as a leader and as a person, so many incredible networks and amazing friends that I will have for a lifetime (I’m so lucky to have found you)! . Big thanks to all the people that have inspired, supported, put up with and helped me through this – I’m surrounded by some pretty special people….. . . . There are ways of playing with your name other than getting married, getting smart…. Charlene Perera, MBA!!!! . Covid time to bugger off because I have been growing my hair to wear that god damn hat 👩🏾‍🎓 Now like the savage I am, I’m off to destroy this bottle of Dom 🍾 @dangags82 @edensflaw @doubleeweareex @daleamtsberg @sjb.jpg @ichindar @ashleighbridie @a_n_c_i_l_a @worthathousand @as_seen_by_timmy_g @michaelhiggon @marcus_klopsch @alexandrelamvohee @keirenlawrence @megnagram @michael_moses @simonobrien2 @kp_tubby @trey_putra @luc_ramalinga @samrussdog @adam.schloss @blonde_ez @charliepthomas @doubleeweareex @danielthompson299 @tingmore

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Patrick Miller Instagram name

You can follow Patrick on Instagram @pattymiller_.

Melissa Walsh Instagram name

Melissa and John Robertson initially decided to stay together, but subsequently split.

They released a joint statement reading: "It has been very difficult and it make us both very sad to say we have decided to no longer continue as a couple."

You can follow Melissa on Instagram @melissa_mafs.

Troy Delmege Instagram name

Troy and his partner Ashley Irvin split during the process, but have remained friends.

You can follow Troy on Instagram @troydelmege.

Ashley Irvin Instagram name

You can follow Ashley on Instagram @ashleyairvin.

Gabrielle Bartlett Instagram name

Gabrielle was paired up with Nasser Sultan, but they split before the final episode.

You can follow Gabrielle on Instagram @gabrielleriver.

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Nasser Sultan Instagram name

You can follow Nasser on Instagram @official_nassersultan.

Justin Fischer Instagram name

Justin and his partner Carly Bowyer broke up before the final episode.

You can follow Justin on Instagram @justin_mafs.

Carly Bowyer Instagram name

You can follow Carly on Instagram @carlybowyer.

Sean Thomsen Instagram name

Sean was partnered with Blair Rachael, but the pair split during the process.

You can follow Sean on Instagram @seanythomsen.

Blair Rachael Instagram name

You can follow Blair on Instagram @bonditobali.


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