Married At First Sight Australia's Jessika Power weighs in on Domenica Calarco ‘leaked’ photo controversy

25 April 2022, 08:44

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Jessika Power has spoken out on Olivia Frazer's Married at First Sight Australia controversy.

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Married At First Sight Australia’s Jessika Power is no stranger when it comes to a reality TV controversy.

After starring on the show in 2019, Jessika embarked on an ‘affair’ with fellow MAFS contestant Dan Webb.

Dan was paired with Tamara Joy, while Jessika was matched with farmer Mick Gould.

But now she’s weighed in on the drama from the latest series surrounding a ‘leaked’ photo of Domenica Calarco.

Jessika Power appeared on MAFS Australia in 2019
Jessika Power appeared on MAFS Australia in 2019. Picture: Instagram

Olivia Frazer received backlash after she shared an intimate photo of Dom from the website OnlyFans.

Speaking about the storyline, Jessika said: “As women in 2022 aren't we supposed to be empowering each other? I thought it was disgusting for another woman to do that to another woman.

“She shouldn't be laughed at behind her back, I think Olivia was grasping at straws and I don't agree with it. It was horrible.”

The Australian Commercial Media Authority has confirmed they received 40 complaints after the scenes aired, with "most of the contacts referred to allegations of inappropriate sexual content or treatment of participants".

Olivia Frazer received backlash on Married at First Sight Australia
Olivia Frazer received backlash on Married at First Sight Australia. Picture: Channel Nine

Head of Content, Production and Development at Nine Network, Adrian Swift recently said: "Duty of Care is a huge issue and we won't always get it right. I know we don't always get it right and that people often feel that we've got it fundamentally wrong.

“But we're trying to get it right. We really believe we've got processes in place to look after participants in our shows. And it's very often, very different across different shows."

This comes after Olivia called her own behaviour ‘disgusting’, admitting she regrets some parts of the show.

Speaking on KIIS 106.5's Kyle and Jackie O show a few weeks ago, Olivia said: “Oh my god, it's disgusting. I feel so terrible that it came out like it was.

Jessika Power and Dan Webb break up live on TV after Married at First Sight

“I don't see anything wrong with OnlyFans. Like I think it's so cool that women can own their sexuality and stuff like that ... I wasn't trying to shame her.”

Olivia’s husband Jackson Lonie has also defended her, saying people should get to know her before they judge.

“If people actually want to come and get to know us I'm more than happy to have a beer with them and sit down have a chat and you know, go through everything that we've been through,” he said.