MAFS Australia's Tahnee sparks relationship speculation with UK groom Thomas

20 May 2024, 13:21

Tahnee Cook and Thomas Kriaras have been spending time together
Tahnee Cook and Thomas Kriaras have been spending time together. Picture: Instagram/@thomaskriaras/@itstahnee

By Hope Wilson

Tahnee Cook and Thomas Kriaris have sent MAFS viewers wild after posting a cute video together.

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Married At First Sight fans may have a new favourite couple, as MAFS UK groom Thomas Kriaris, 27, and MAFS Australia bride Tahnee Cook, 27, have been spending time together.

The TV favourites shocked fans earlier this week when they posted a sweet video on Instagram of them enjoying some cocktails. The pair also hinted they were discussing their former flames with Tahnee writing: "So how did your TV marriage go? 😅😂"

Thomas cheekily responded: "Hahahaha we survived 🤌😮‍💨", leading many fans to believe that the stars could be exploring a romantic connection.

This comes as Tahnee is spending some time in the UK following her messy split from MAFS partner Ollie Skelton, 27.

Tahnee Cook and Thomas Kriaras have sent fans wild with their post
Tahnee Cook and Thomas Kriaras have sent fans wild with their post. Picture: Instagram/@itstahnee

While Thomas and Tahnee haven't confirmed nor denied the relationship rumours, fans took to Instagram to reveal they were rooting for the two to get together.

One user wrote: "The match we didn’t know we needed 🔥❤️"

Another added: "As an old mom lady in the uk who’s seen you both in mafs….I APPROVE OF THIS IMMENSELY!!! You’re both so sweet and non offensively beautiful 😍 xxx"

With a third stating: "Please make this a thing, two beautiful humans 😍"

Tahnee Cook has been spending time in the UK
Tahnee Cook has been spending time in the UK. Picture: Instagram/@itstahnee

Thomas and Tahnee's hang out comes amid the MAFS bride being embroiled in a drama-filled media war with her ex-boyfriend Ollie.

While their break up initially appeared amicable, it looks like things have taken a turn since Ollie announced his new relationship earlier this year.

In December 2023 the pair posted their break up statement on Instagram, with Tahnee writing: "Sadly, Ollie and I have decided to part ways. Our lives are taking us in different directions and we feel at this stage it’s the best decision for us.

"From meeting as strangers who got ‘married’, to genuinely finding love, I’m pretty proud of the time we’ve shared. Our journey together has been such a roller coaster but sometimes relationships just don’t work out – no matter how much you want them to – and that’s okay."

Ollie Skelton and Tahnee Cook split last year
Ollie Skelton and Tahnee Cook split last year. Picture: Instagram/@skeltonollie

Shortly after this post Ollie revealed he had a new girlfriend named Nadia. This led fans to criticise him for moving on too quickly, to which the he posted a scathing response on social media.

Ollie began: "Hey, I just wanted to speak on this a bit as I've gotten it a couple of times.

"I understand the perception of this being ‘quick’. The reality is Tahnee and I broken up last November. There has been so much press regarding our break up that it may seem fresher but personally I’m very much removed from the situation.

"Regarding Nadia, I have never felt this way about a person. Truly. That’s not a gloat, but rather acknowledging that everyone moves at their own pace and everyone’s story is different too.

"It feels so lame that I even have to pen this, it’s so not me and I don’t want to encourage a back and forth. However, I also understand there was an investment into myself and Tahnee’s relationship that when people comment this stuff I feel obliged.

"I’m so happy and I hope you guys can support that but if you can’t that’s okay too."

Tahnee Cook and Ollie Skelton met on MAFS Australia
Tahnee Cook and Ollie Skelton met on MAFS Australia. Picture: Instagram/@itstahnee

Speaking on Nova's Back to Reality Podcast, Tahnee discussed the difficulties of their break up, revealing that the pair had to live together for six weeks after splitting due to the rental crisis in Australia.

The 27-year-old told the hosts: "There was obviously a period of time that we had to live together while we broke up which is hell, I would never recommend that for anyone. But you know, there’s a rental crisis, there’s a lot going on."

She went on to add that tensions between the two became strained when she discovered some earrings in their home which didn't belong to her.

Tahnee continued: "I had come back from a work trip and I was kind of cleaning the house. And I found a pair of earrings in the house that weren't mine… obviously confronted him about it.

"It's hard when you break up you assume people are going to move on at the pace that they're comfortable with. I think I was quite shocked at how soon it was."