Married At First Sight shock as Jordon secretly kisses Megan behind Alexis’ back

10 September 2021, 09:06 | Updated: 10 September 2021, 09:42

Jordon Mundell cheated on his wife Alexis Economou at the first Married at First Sight UK commitment ceremony...

Things are really kicking off on Married At First Sight UK after Nikita was kicked out of the show after just one week.

But the drama is set to continue, after it was revealed Jordon Mundell secretly kissed fellow contestant Megan Wolfe, behind his wife’s back.

Fans of the show will know Jordon, 27, was paired up with Alexis Economou, but the pair didn’t exactly get off to a good start.

Jordon and Alexis were matched on Married at First Sight UK
Jordon and Alexis were matched on Married at First Sight UK. Picture: Channel 4

And things go from bad to worse after he admits that he kissed another woman away from the cameras.

In a first look clip, Jordan tells cameras: “I feel a little bit nervous. I had my eyes on someone at the dinner party, then we got chatting back at the apartment.

“We’ve had a vibe and great conversation. We found ourselves alone at one point. One thing led to another and we shared a kiss, and I think it’s something I want to pursue.”

“She’s married to another man, and I’m married to another woman,” he continued.

“I came here to meet somebody - if I step on a few toes so be it. The real test now is to have a conversation and see where her head’s at.”

Megan is still married to Bob Voysey, who has been trying hard to win his wife over.

After his confession, Jordan walked into one of the neighbouring apartments, where Megan was sitting there waiting for him on the sofa.

He says to her: "I mean it was definitely a good kiss, wasn't it? It was nice."

Megan later told the cameras: "I have no idea what happens now, he's happy to explore this.

"I don't know how this will work out. I'm not looking forward to the commitment ceremony."

Bob was matched with Megan on MAFS UK
Bob was matched with Megan on MAFS UK. Picture: Channel 4

She added: "It doesn't feel like I've cheated on anyone. I still haven't decided if I should stay or leave."

Meanwhile, her husband Bob is set to be left devastated after he admitted he’s desperate to make his marriage work.

After the shock scenes aired, one fan wrote on Twitter: “Bob did not deserve this guys I hope he finds someone that loves him the way he is #MAFSUK #MarriedAtFirstSightUK”

“Jordon just spilled the beans on Megan. I dislike him, but glad he told the truth. Megan was just going to lie.... #MAFSUK,” said someone else.

A third added: “Waiting for it to all come out about Megan and Jordon.. #MAFSUK”.