How old is Bling Empire's Kane Lim and what is his net worth?

11 October 2022, 07:26

Kane Lim is on Netflix's Bling Empire
Kane Lim is on Netflix's Bling Empire. Picture: Instagram

Who is Kane Lim and how did he make his money? Everything you need to know about the Bling Empire star...

Netflix recently released the brand new series of popular reality show Bling Empire.

The outrageous series follows a group of rich and over-the-top Asian and Asian-American socialites who love to spend their money on shopping trips and lavish parties.

But who is Kane Lim and how is he so rich? Here’s what we know about the Bling Empire star?

How old is Bling Empire’s Kane Lim?

Kane Lim is 32-years-old and comes from Singapore.

Kane Lim has more than 300 pairs of trainers
Kane Lim has more than 300 pairs of trainers. Picture: Netflix

What Bling Empire fans will know about the reality star is that he has a huge trainer collection of around 300 pairs.

Kane is a vegetarian and turned to Buddhism three years ago, explaining: “It really taught me to be compassionate to myself.”

He also has more that 800k followers on Instagram, which he credits to none other than Rihanna.

Lim said in an interview with Voyage LA in 2019 that Rihanna followed him one day, and thousands of her fans were hot on her heels.

He said: “I vividly remember how my phone died from the amounts of notifications I had. She has been super kind to comment when she liked an outfit, or even telling [me] what jacket I should wear to her concerts.”

What is Kane Lim’s net worth?

It’s no surprise to anyone that Kane comes from A LOT of money and he currently has a net worth of around $20 million (£14.3million).

He was born into a family whose wealth comes from real estate, oil and shipping.

But a millionaire in his own right, he began investing in stocks when he was 17 and made his first million by the time he was 19.

In his Instagram bio, Lim describes himself as a real estate developer, investor and philanthropist.

He reportedly runs an investment fund in LA, while his LinkedIn page says he is the Director of K-ix Capital and President of the company Merryland Pacific Limited.

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