Too Hot To Handle's Chloe Veitch shares dad's tip for coping with new fame

4 May 2020, 08:49

Ashley Roberts chats to Chloe from Netflix's Too Hot To Handle

Star of Netflix hit Too Hot To Handle's Chloe Veitch tells Heart’s Ashley Roberts how she is protecting her mental health since she shot to stardom in the last few weeks.

Faye Lyons-White

By Faye Lyons-White

Chloe Veitch was one of the contestants on Netflix reality TV show Too Hot To Handle, which has been a huge international hit since it was released last month.

The 21-year-old was already used to the cameras thanks to her work as a model, but over the last few weeks has seen her Instagram following grow to a staggering one million.

Over the last few years there has been a huge focus on the mental health of contestants on reality TV shows once they have left the show that shot them to fame - or infamy.

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The cast of Too Hot For Handle, a huge Netflix hit
The cast of Too Hot For Handle, a huge Netflix hit. Picture: Netflix

Ashley Roberts caught up with Chloe for Heart’s Showbiz Hub Podcast, to ask how she is managing her mental health now the show is over, and she’s got a huge public following. 

Chloe said: "It’s so easy when your phone is pinging off every minute to just keep on going on your phone, and it’s like, my head is battered at the end of the day.

"I’ve got a headache, I can’t get to sleep, so it’s like you’re on a constant high."

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But with a little advice from her dad, Chloe has found a way to cope.

She added: "My Dad said to me - make sure you centre yourself. So when you wake up in the morning try and do some meditation, breathe… all of that, so you can be on top form for the rest of the day."

You can hear Ashley telling us more about her interview with Chloe on this week’s Heart Showbiz Hub Podcast, out now.

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