More drama for Caroline Flack as Channel 4 consider axing her controversial new show The Surjury

27 December 2019, 14:23 | Updated: 27 December 2019, 14:27

Caroline Flack is said to have seen the Channel 4 show as as step in to the 'mainstream'
Caroline Flack is said to have seen the Channel 4 show as as step in to the 'mainstream'. Picture: Getty
Emma Gritt

By Emma Gritt

The presenter has already stood down from fronting the new series of Winter Love Island after being charged with assault - and now it seems her other project might never air.

Caroline Flack could be facing another professional setback as Channel 4 bosses consider axing her forthcoming project, The Surjury.

The show, which sees members of the public appeal for plastic surgery to improve their looks, was met with outcry when it was first announced - but as Caroline, 40, faces trial for assaulting her boyfriend Lewis Burton, 27, it seems it may never air at all.

A source told The Sun: "Caroline’s looming court case and the bad publicity surrounding her has left a dark cloud over the show and Channel 4 do not want to associate themselves with Caroline at this time.

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Caroline Flack arrives at court on December 23 to be charged with assault
Caroline Flack arrives at court on December 23 to be charged with assault. Picture: Getty

“It’s a devastating blow for her as it was a huge break into the mainstream.

“There have been on-going discussions and some people on the production team have admitted they don’t think it’ll ever air.

“The Surjury was always going to be controversial and for some they feel to have Caroline hosting it would be a disastrous move right now.”

A spokeswoman for Channel 4 told the paper: “The Surjury is not currently scheduled."

The show was previously described as offering everyday people dream celeb bodies - if they could convince a jury that they needed it.

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Producers said: “From bum-lifts to nose jobs, sculpted abs to breast enlargements, The Surjury allows people to explore their choices more thoroughly.”

Last Monday troubled Caroline was bailed until March 4 after Highbury Corner Crown Court heard how a police officer likened the scene to a “horror movie”, saying: "Lewis received significant injury to his head.”

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She told District Judge Newton: “At 5.25am on the 12 December he (Lewis Burton) made an allegation against his girlfriend Caroline Flack.

"Police then made their way to the address. Police then knocked on the door eight minutes later and it was opened by both of them. Both were covered in blood."

However, defence lawyer Paul Morris stated that Lewis “was not a victim of assault” and “didn’t support the prosecution.”