The Chase viewers furious with Bradley Walsh as he awards £1,000 for 'wrong' answer

27 April 2020, 09:05 | Updated: 2 December 2020, 09:07

Chase viewers confused as Bradley Walsh gives £1k for 'wrong answer'

Viewers of The Chase have been left baffled after Bradley Walsh accepted a wrong answer from a contestant.

Bradley Walsh landed himself in some hot water during a recent episode of The Chase when fans accused him of allowing a wrong answer. 

Contestant Aislinn appeared on the show hoping to win enough money to take her mum to Monaco to watch the Formula One Grand Prix. 

But during a strong cash builder round, the 19-year-old seemingly slipped up on question about party food. 

Bradley, 59, asked which food was typically paired with cheese on a stick during dinner parties, to which Aislinn quickly answered ‘olive’, with the host responding: ‘Wrong, it’s pineapple’.

Bradley Walsh was criticised on The Chase
Bradley Walsh was criticised on The Chase. Picture: ITV

Aislinn still managed to earn an impressive £6,000, but Bradley then had a change of heart as he told her: “I’m going to accept your answer of olive so that’s £7,000.”

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Clearly chuffed with the decision, Aislinn replied: “Cheers man.”

But viewers weren’t so happy, as one replied: “How did they accept olive? Pineapple and pickles yes but olives??”

Another answered: “I don’t understand why he is giving her “olive” – the traditional, cliché snack is cheese and pineapple, which is surely what the question was driving at…”

While a third asked: “Who eats olives and cheese on a stick?#TheChase.”

And a fourth fumed: “Olives and Cheese on a stick? Did they really just accept that? #thechase”

Despite the uproar, the question is seemingly quite open-ended and there are plenty of mediteraneon recipes pairing cheese with olives on a cocktail stick. 

Olives are technically classed as a fruit as well as they come from a flower of a plant and the stones/pits are actually seeds. 

Meanwhile, The Chase is back with a brand new series called ‘Beat the Chasers’.

This will see all five quizzers - Anne Hegerty, Mark Labbett, Jenny Ryan, Paul Sinha and Shaun Wallace-  team up to face anyone who dares take on the challenge.

Beat The Chasers starts on Monday 24th April
Beat The Chasers starts on Monday 24th April. Picture: ITV

Each contestant who makes it through the Cash Builder round will then have to choose whether they take on two, three, four or five Chasers.

The more they challenge, the more money they win. 

Speaking ahead of the show’s launch, chaser Mark - aka The Beast - revealed: “The key thing is the time advantage – the fewer Chasers they face the more of a time advantage they’ve got. Because we’re playing catch up, the pressure is always on us.”

Beat the Chasers starts Monday 27th April at 9pm on ITV.

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