Where was Our Girl filmed? Shooting locations revealed including Malaysia and South Africa

7 April 2020, 20:00 | Updated: 7 April 2020, 20:01

Our Girl Series 4 Trailer BBC Trailers

Was Our Girl filmed in Afghanistan? Everything we know about the BBC shooting locations...

Our Girl has finally returned to our TV screens, with Michelle Keegan making her final appearance as Georgie Lane in the BBC drama.

The fourth season is made up of six episodes and picks up a year after series three, to find Georgie back home in Manchester with her family.

But as she heads on a final tour of Afghanistan, where was Our Girl season four filmed? Here's everything you need to know…

Where was Our Girl season four filmed?

Our Girl was predominantly filmed in South Africa, which provided backdrops for scenes set in Afghanistan and Manchester.

Our Girl was mostly filmed in South Africa
Our Girl was mostly filmed in South Africa. Picture: BBC

The Karoo Desert - which is 300km away from Cape Town - was for the remote Afghanistan scenes, with some of the production crew even camping nearby during peak filming seasons.

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The nearby wine region of Franschhoek was also used as it's renowned for its stunning mountainous landscape, as well as Cape Town itself.

As for the scenes set in Manchester, most of these were actually filmed in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, as the cast and crew were already away.

They reportedly used a rain machine to give the appearance that they were back in Britain, while some Manchester scenes were actually shot in the UK.

Other filming locations include Swansea in Wales, as well as East Ham in London.

Our Girl Series 4 Trailer BBC Trailers

Where has Our Girl previously been filmed?

Georgie Lane and 2-Section have previously been deployed to far off places including Nepal, Nigeria, Syria and Bangladesh.

South Africa has been the centre of a lot of filming including the Nigerian and Syrian scenes and some of the last series in Nepal.

Nepal itself was also used, while most of season three was shot in Malaysia.

Speaking about filming in Malaysia, actress Michelle previously told Radio Times: "I look back now and think I can’t believe I did that. We had to wear leech socks because there were so many leeches and all the crew because they wore shorts were getting bitten by leeches all the time.

"I remember I ate an Oreo in bed. Big mistake. I didn’t even drop any crumbs, but I came back home the next day and got into bed and you know when something isn’t right? I turned the light on, moved the quilt and there were tiny little brown ants everywhere all over the bed."

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