What is Jessie J's baby name? Star's boyfriend reveals sweet moniker

12 June 2023, 11:03 | Updated: 16 June 2023, 10:09

Jessie J shares sweet footage of baby boy and his dad

Jessie J's baby name: The new mum has shared videos with her boyfriend Chanan Safir Colman and their newborn.

Jessie J welcomed her first baby with boyfriend Chanan Safir Colman in May, and has been busy sharing sweet snaps with her followers.

And to celebrate her son turning one month old, the singer has now posted a reel of clips from the hospital.

The short video includes the moment she and Chanan met their new son after her caesarean section, with Jessie bursting into tears and calling him her ‘perfect boy’.

Her partner Chanan also shared a photo of his first son and revealed what the couple decided to call him. But what is her baby’s name? Here’s what we know…

Jessie J has shared adorable videos of her baby boy
Jessie J has shared adorable videos of her baby boy. Picture: Instagram

What is Jessie J’s baby name?

Jessie J and Chanan decided to call their son Sky Safir Cornish Colman, with Jessie announcing the news on Instagram as she posted a photo of him and said: "Sky Safir Cornish Colman".

Chanan also shared his own sweet message, writing“So that happened! Tomorrow my young king is 1 month old.

“And although my expectations were high you are everything and more. Since you were born, work, food and sleep seem completely irrelevant.

“When you look deep into my soul while taking the biggest s*** in my hands I smile, when you pee all over me while I change you I laugh, when you frantically kiss/suck on the side of my face, shoulder or neck looking for your mothers breast my heart smiles, and when you fall asleep on me with your arms wrapped around me I feel complete.

“Ben Shelli I already love doing life with you. Your greatness has absolutely NO limitations.

"Until the end off my days I'll always protect you, teach you right from wrong, guide you when needed/asked, help you with your home work and find you some one that can teach you how to spell, support you in ups, downs and all of the in between and of course love you unconditionally.

“Love you long time your Aba.”

Jessie’s own video showed the singer crying as she held her baby for the first time and cradled him to her chest.

Chanan Safir Colman has shared photos of his baby with Jessie J
Chanan Safir Colman has shared photos of his baby with Jessie J. Picture: Instagram

Other moments from the clip showed the newborn yawning and smiling as Chanan - who she revealed was her baby’s father last week - held him in the hospital.

Another snap showed Chanan cutting his son's umbilical cord and kissing him on the forehead.

She wrote in the caption: “Tomorrow you are a month old. It's felt like one long best day of my entire life. Mummy and Daddy love you more than anything in this world baby boy.

“And if you have followed my journey you would have often shared in my pain. Please join me in sharing in my joy.”

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