Celine Dion makes surprise Grammys appearance amid Stiff Person Syndrome battle

5 February 2024, 10:56 | Updated: 5 February 2024, 13:04

Celine Dion with Taylor Swift at the Grammys
Celine Dion made a surprise appearance the Grammys. Picture: Getty

By Hope Wilson

Celine Dion surprised the world by appearing at the Grammys 2024.

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Celine Dion, 55, has made her first public appearance since announcing her Stiff Person Syndrome diagnosis.

The My Heart Will Go On singer surprised her peers at the Grammys 2024 ceremony which saw her take to the stage with her son Rene-Charles Angelil, 23, to present Taylor Swift, 34, with her award for Album of The Year.

This is the first time Celine has been seen publicly since revealing she was suffering from Stiff Person Syndrome in 2022, which saw her forced to cancel her upcoming Courage World Tour.

The Eurovision winner's sister Claudette, 74, has kept fans up-to-date with Celine's health, and had previously disclosed that the superstar 'no longer has control over her muscles'.

Celine Dion at the Grammys 2024 with Taylor Swift and Rene-Charles Angelil
Celine Dion stunned at the Grammys 2024. Pictured with Taylor Swift and Celine's son Rene-Charles Angelil. Picture: Getty

Walking out to a standing ovation during the ceremony, Celine began her speech with: "Thank you, all! I love you right back. You look beautiful. When I say I'm happy to be here, I really mean it from my heart.

"Those who have been blessed enough to be here at the Grammy Awards must never take for granted the tremendous love and joy that music brings to our lives and to people all around the world. 

"And now it gives me great joy to present a Grammy Award that two legends Diana Ross and Sting presented to me 27 years ago. These are the outstanding nominees for Album of the Year."

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Celine Dion smiles at the Grammys
Celine Dion presented the award for Album of The Year. Picture: Getty

Fans took to X, formally known as Twitter, to praise the singer for attending the awards.

One user wrote: "I tell you, Celine Dion has been through a lot lately. So, it's so good to see her standing here. She looks so good. May God bless her."

Another added: "Celine Dion got the whole room in tears right now. This legend, this queen. My goodness."

With a third stating: "Celine Dion is a musical icon whose talent transcends any critique. Her voice is a timeless treasure that deserves endless admiration."

Celine Dion pictured backstage at the Grammys
Celine Dion was pictured backstage at the Grammys. Picture: Getty

Last week it was announced that Celine would be taking part in a tell-all documentary about her Stiff Person Syndrome diagnosis, which is set to 'raise awareness' for the disease.

I Am: Céline Dion is a year-long documentary which has followed the singer's life since opening up about her health battle.

Taking to Instagram to announce the programme, Celine said: "This last couple of years has been such a challenge for me, the journey from discovering my condition to learning how to live with and manage it, but not to let it define me.

"As the road to resuming my performing career continues, I have realized how much I have missed it, of being able to see my fans. During this absence, I decided I wanted to document this part of my life, to try to raise awareness of this little-known condition, to help others who share this diagnosis."

Celine Dion and son Rene-Charles Angelil at the Grammys
Celine Dion's son Rene-Charles Angelil walked her on stage. Picture: Getty

What is Stiff Person Syndrome?

According to Johns Hopkins Medicine Stiff Person Syndrome (SPS) is a rare autoimmune neurological disorder that most commonly causes muscle stiffness and painful spasms that come and go and can worsen over time. SPS can cause the person to have difficulty walking and affects more women than men.

Currently there is no cure for Stiff Person Syndrome, however, people with the disorder can take medication or have therapy to lessen their symptoms.

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