Mum-of-22 Sue Radford treats entire family to Disney World tickets

13 April 2023, 10:54 | Updated: 13 April 2023, 15:00

Radfords share update with new vlog from Florida

Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

Sue Radford has revealed she had to buy 20 tickets to Disney World during her trip to Florida.

Mum-of-22 Sue Radford is currently enjoying an incredible trip to Florida with her family over the Easter break.

The matriarch of Britain’s biggest family treated 20 of her kids and grandkids to the incredible holiday as they jetted off last week.

And in a brand new video, she revealed they had picked up their wristbands to enjoy the Magic Kingdom.

Speaking on her YouTube channel, the mum laughed when she told how a member of staff had to get some more tickets due to her ordering 20.

Sue Radford is currently in Florida
Sue Radford is currently in Florida. Picture: YouTube

Flights to Orlando start at around £450 per person, while tickets to Disney World average at around £500 per person for seven days. This means all the tickets would have cost around £10,000.

Sue told her fans: "We are in, we've got our wristbands. It was so funny, we had to go and pick them up from Planet Hollywood and we went in and she said 'how many' and I said 20 and she said 'sorry, what?'

"I said 'yeah, 20' and she had to go and get some more out of the cupboard but they were dead easy to collect."

They spent the day enjoying the rides and exploring, trying out a car ride as well as a train touring the park.

First Day In Florida! 🥰☀️ The Radford Family

But some of the kids started to get tired in the 30 degree heat, so they decided to go back to the villa early.

Katie said: "We've just decided to just go back to the villa and go swimming because it's always the first day, it's just too hot and we're all tired so we're just going to go home and go in the pool for a bit.

"And then, tomorrow, we'll be a bit more awake and have a bit more energy."

The Radford kids are enjoying a trip to Florida
The Radford kids are enjoying a trip to Florida. Picture: YouTube

Sue and her husband Noel are parents to Chris, 31, Sophie, 27, Chloe, 25, Jack, 23, Daniel, 21, Luke, 20, Millie, 19, Katie, 18, James, 17, Ellie, 15, Aimee, 14, Josh, 13, Max, 12, Tillie, 10, Oscar, nine, Casper, eight, Hallie, five, Phoebe, four, Archie, three, Bonnie, two, and Heidie.

They are also grandparents to Maisie and Jacob, who’s dad is their oldest son Chris, as well as Chloe's daughter Mila.

There are also Sophie’s children Daisy, Ayprill and Leo, as well as Millie’s kids Ophelia and Chester.

The couple also have four step-grandchildren.

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