Stacey Solomon reveals nasty black eye injury after painful accident at Pickle Cottage

5 June 2024, 15:33

Stacey Solomon showed off a bruised eye this week
Stacey Solomon showed off a bruised eye this week. Picture: Instagram/Stacey Solomon

By Hope Wilson

Fans were stunned when Stacey Solomon revealed she had given herself a black eye.

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Stacey Solomon, 34, shocked followers earlier this week by sporting a bruised eye after injuring herself at Pickle Cottage.

The mother-of-five revealed her shocking wound on Instagram, informing fans that the nasty cut was caused by a DIY accident while she was building a coop for her new ducklings.

The Loose Woman favourite told her audience that she had made the impulsive decision to build a home for her pets in a dimly lit area, which resulted in her giving herself a black eye.

Speaking about the incident on her Instagram Stories, the Sort Your Life Out host admitted that she blamed herself for the accident and should have known better.

Stacey Solomon was sporting a bruise in her Instagram Stories
Stacey Solomon was sporting a bruise in her Instagram Stories. Picture: Instagram/Stacey Solomon

Speaking about building the coop, Stacey confessed: "I thought 'If I don't put it up right this second I won't put it up until the weekend'. And any normal person would say 'It's fine put it up at the weekend, they're not going to be in that coop for another six weeks' but my toxic trait is if there's something in front of me I have to do it immediately."

She continued: "So I persisted to build a duck coop in literally dusk, dusk lighting and I got to the roof, got to the triangle bit on the roof and dropped it on my eye. Why am I like this?

"So that'll be fun at the shoot tomorrow. It will probably be worse tomorrow. It's always worse the day after the day after."

Stacey Solomon showed her injury to fans
Stacey Solomon showed her injury to fans. Picture: Instagram/Stacey Solomon

However the injury wasn't in vain, as Stacey is proud of her work, stating: "But it was worth it. I'll show the coop it looks really good. I've still got to do the base and dig out the pond but it is really cool and I'm very excited."

The X Factor star went on to show off her sweet new coop which will be home to the ducklings.

Stacey Solomon showed off her new coop
Stacey Solomon showed off her new coop. Picture: Instagram/Stacey Solomon

Last month Stacey announced she and her husband Joe Swash, 42, has welcomed some feathered friends to the family.

Taking to Instagram, the influencer wrote: "Welcome To Pickle Cottage 🦆 Little Ones. 🥹 We are so excited to love you & we hope you love living here & being a part of our crazy family. We have no idea what to call our new babies yet, so any suggestions welcome 🫶

"Honestly wanted to make our garden home to ducklings for so long so thank you @luisazissman from giving us the opportunity to raise your hatchlings 🥹🥲"

Watch Joe Swash with the ducklings here:

Stacey Solomon watches Joe Swash cuddle with the ducks

This comes after Stacey confessed she wanted to take a step back from her TV career and focus on being a stay-at-home mum.

Speaking to Caroline Hirons on the Glad We Had This Chat podcast, Stacey opened up about her five year goal, revealing: "Every year I have a team meeting with my agent and everyone on the team to say, 'What's your plan? What's your goal?' And this year when they asked me my five-year goal, I was like, I want to be a stay-at-home mum."

She went on to add: "That is my dream, it's my ultimate dream. I just want to be with my kids."

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