Britain's Got Talent illusionist Darcy Oake's death-defying stunt 'solved' by fan

15 September 2019, 15:13

Britain's Got Talent viewers suspect Darcy left the box through a trap door or side-flap.
Britain's Got Talent viewers suspect Darcy left the box through a trap door or side-flap. Picture: ITV

The talented magician shocks viewers with his terrifying trick but one eagle-eyed spectator thinks she's worked it out.

Britain's Got Talent illusionist Darcy Oake left judges and audience members gasping in horror with his death-defying stunt last night.

The Canadian performer, 31, who was competing in the show's new spin-off series The Champions, was handcuffed and locked inside a box which was then hoisted 20 feet off the ground.

Four fuses were lit leaving Darcy with just 56 seconds to free himself before the wooden vessel exploded live on stage.

And as viewers could barely watch the tense footage from inside the box of the magician attempting to escape from the ticking time bomb, moments later he appeared unharmed on a separate platform in the middle of the arena.

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Leaving Simon Cowell both baffled and impressed, he said: "I don't know what quite happened here. But I have got to tell you Darcy that apart from being a great guy, a true competitor, you are the ultimate showman.

"I mean every time you come on it blows my mind. Unbelievable. And you are so good looking."

But one fan of the show wasn't as dazzled as the TV mogul, and believed she had worked his dangerous act out.

Taking to Twitter to share her theory, viewer Anna wrote: "He had left the box through a trap door or sideflap on box before that countdown clock started. The clock and darkness were a distraction."

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A string of fans also had their suspicions, writing: "There was somebody already in the box..why did he let ant put one cuff on him...when he appeared the other side of the arena he still had the same cuff on the same hand ?????"

Another added: "Watched #BGTTheChampions and Darcy Oakes act was interesting to watch as he tries to escape the box before it explodes. He exits the box before it's put 20ft in the air through a trap door in the stage. The footage of him inside the box is pre recorded."

A third said: "The footage in the box was pre recorded!"

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But many rushed to Darcy's defence as one fan said: "I think Darcy is great! He's a fantastic illusionist! Of course it's a trick and he was never in any danger, but that's literally the point, he's a magician. The way he presents his act is unique but also very professional. Love his act!"

A second wrote: "I have watched it, re-watched it and watched it once again, I still can't work out how you did it @DarcyOake brilliant, can't wait to see what you do in the final."

While a third said: "Absolutely fantastic. My heart was in my mouth the whole time. I always thought he was robbed the first time around. Hopefully this time he will be the winner."

Following the public vote last night, the Canadian illusionist was put through to the final beating veteran magician Richard Jones.

Britain's Got Talent: The Champions continues on Saturdays at 7.30pm on ITV.