Parents divided as dad claims it's 'cruel' to give kids food they don't like

5 June 2020, 08:30 | Updated: 5 June 2020, 09:45

Britain's Best Parent dad says it's 'cruelty' to give kids food they don't like

Adam's parenting style shocked viewers when he appeared on Channel 4's Britain's Best Parent.

A dad divided viewers on Thursday evening when he claimed it was ‘cruel’ to give children food they don't like eating.

Appearing on Channel 4’s new programme Britain's Best Parent?, Adam and his partner Mia opened up about following an ‘attachment’ parenting ethos.

This means they put their children’s needs and desires first and don’t use disciplining techniques.

But when discussing how they run their household, the couple shocked their competitors after revealing they would cook their two children anything they wanted for lunch - even if they fancy different things.

Adam and Mia discussed their parenting techniques
Adam and Mia discussed their parenting techniques. Picture: Channel 4

"We would never make our children eat something they did not like," Adam said.

"For me, I would never eat something I did not like or give my son something she didn't like.

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"Therefore I don't think I should give something or force my children to have something they don't like."

Mia continued: "Again, it goes back to respecting them as individuals.

"Ok, it's cost more money to buy different things, however we don't believe that there is anything more important to spend money on."

Adam then added: "We as parents would never make our children eat something they don't like. We both fundamentally disagree with it. It's cruelty."

Clearly baffled by the idea, one viewer tweeted: "Cruelty to give your child something to eat that they don't like - what a numpty. They'd really cook 3 lunches everyday? Yeah, I'm sure.. #britainsbestparent."

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Another agreed: "It’s cruelty to not let your child pick their own food... yes and end up cooking 3 different meals like you just have... #Britainsbestparent."

While a third laughed: “Adam said its cruelty to give your children food they dont like ”.

The children all experienced each other's lives on Britain's Best Parent?
The children all experienced each other's lives on Britain's Best Parent? Picture: Channel 4

During the television show, Adam and Mia hosted two other children who are being raised by parents with differing styles.

Elena is being raised by self-proclaimed ‘strict’ parents Nicky and David, while Jack’s ‘parent-centric’ mum Hannah puts her own needs before her sons.

While Nicky and David believe in harsh discipline to bring up their children, along with the occasional ‘smack’, Hannah is determined to make her son ‘independent and sociable’ by putting her happiness first.

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