Wes Nelson reveals he met Vanessa Bauer's boyfriend as he claims their breakup was 'bad timing'

18 January 2019, 14:11 | Updated: 18 January 2019, 17:26

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Wes has been linked to a Strictly Curse when Vanessa announced her break up. Picture: Getty

Wes claims the feud between Megan and Vanessa never extended to her ex-boyfriend Louis Nathaniel.

Dancing on Ice contestant Wes Nelson has revealed he met Vanessa Bauer's boyfriend before their untimely split, after shooting down rumours of a 'Strictly Curse'.

Wes' partner Vanessa announced on Monday she had split from boyfriend of two-years Louis Nathaniel, prompting his girlfriend Megan Barton-Hanson to accuse the professional ice-skater of trying to obtain headlines.

However, Wes claims Megan and Vanessa's feud has ended and there has never been any jealousy where the spouses are concerned.

He told Heart: "[Megan] wasn't jealous. It's just the fact that her and Vanessa never communicated and it’s the unknown. If you’ve never spoken to a girl but she’s training with your boyfriend for 12 hours a day, every day for the next 8 weeks you’d to speak to each other, and I think Megan expected Vanessa to invite her to come down to training.

"It was never malicious and it was never anger towards each other."

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Wes claims his relationship with Megan is still going strong . Picture: Getty

Speaking on whether he had experienced any animosity from Vanessa's ex, Wes added: "I think Vanessa’s boyfriend bought a speaker down one time and I met him briefly, but there is no maliciousness whatsoever.

"It’s just fallen at a bad time with the break up and it’s a annoying but its going to blow over."

Wes admits he hadn't anticipated so much scrutiny around his relationship, however he insists the tensions have been resolved.

He explained: "We knew that it would put some pressure on the relationship but not to this extent. Meghan hasn’t done it to take the limelight away from me, that’s not what she’s doing at all."

"In terms of my relationship everything is fine and dandy, obviously we understand that negativity sells so we know what they are trying to paint a picture of and it is laughable," he told Heart.

He added: "Vanessa is so professional, we all know understand that it was just a miscommunication but it was never anything to take away from my skating.

"Megan wasn't being unsupportive of me she is just confused about what was going on she felt left in the dark. Now they’ve started speaking they understand what’s going on so it’s fine."