Is Elvis still alive in Our Girl? Theories and conspiracies

28 April 2020, 17:07 | Updated: 28 April 2020, 17:11

Our Girl fans are convinced Elvis isn't dead
Our Girl fans are convinced Elvis isn't dead. Picture: BBC

Is Elvis from Our Girl still alive? And will he return for the series finale? Find out all the theories and conspiracies...

Ever since his dramatic death back in 2017, Our Girl fans have been desperate for heartthrob Elvis Harte to return.

Elvis (Luke Pasqualino) embarked on a rocky relationship with Georgie Lane (Michelle Keegan) back in 2016 for the second series of the BBC drama.

But just before the pair were about to have their happy ending, he was killed by a bomb in Afghanistan during series three.

And nearly three years on, speculation continues on social media that Elvis might actually still be alive. So, what are the theories and speculation surrounding the character?

Is Elvis still alive in Our Girl?

Well, actor Luke Pasqualino was originally written out of Our Girl after signing a five year contract for another TV series called Snatch.

Our Girl viewers think Elvis is alive
Our Girl viewers think Elvis is alive. Picture: BBC

At the time, Our Girl creator Tony Grounds told that he had to kill Elvis off to honour his intense relationship with Georgie, explaining: “We could have sent [Elvis] to prison or on holiday or just not seen him for five years but that seemed a bit daft.”

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However, Snatch has since been cancelled, so perhaps Luke was available to film?

This year’s season has seen Georgie struggle to cope as she returned to Afghanistan, which is where Elvis tragically died.

During the penultimate episode of the fourth season, Georgie confronted the man who led the attack which killed Elvis, Aatan Omar.

She was desperate to get closure, and tearfully showed him a photo of her late fiancé hoping to see some remorse.

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But the suspected criminal just looked at her with a confused expression, with Georgie noting: “There was nothing. Not even a flicker. You'll think I'm mad.

“There was just something about him. I don't know. Warlords aren't exactly shy in coming forward, are they? He was just lying there, confused.”

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In the final moments, a secret meeting between a trio of soldiers were heard saying 'no-one suspects a thing.'

Not only this, but last week Fingers repeatedly told Georgie he was “sorry,” with many viewers wondering if this apology might have something to do with Elvis.

Blue also revealed more information about Elvis in the series, explaining he had been working on an “exit strategy” – wanting to leave the army and start a family with Georgie.

This has sent viewers wild, with many coming up with their own theories and conspiracies.

One wrote on Twitter: “My theory is: Georgie will kill Omar only to find out Elvis was still alive and his ‘death’ was part of special operation meaning only the select few knew about it with fingers being one of them.

“That’s why when he was dying he kept saying “I’m sorry” to Georgie.#ourgirl".

Another said: “I am adamant that Elvis is alive hence the fact that it says he’s been in Our Girl episodes in 2020 (when he apparently died in 2017) and that it says he featured in 11 episodes when so far he’s been in 10??? So the 11th episode must be next week.”

A third wrote: “Elvis is still alive and is the real Omar.. he faked his own death and paid the fake Omar to act as him, which is why he looked like he’d seen a ghost when Georgie showed him the photo... or it could be Dr Antonio.. I’m confusing my own thoughts at this point.”

It might seem unrealistic, but there is still hope that Georgie will finally be reunited with her true love before exiting Our Girl for good...

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