Hollyoaks' Tony Hutchinson is ALIVE – but will Breda McQueen kill him in shock twist?

3 September 2019, 12:35 | Updated: 29 October 2019, 12:37

Tony Hutchinson is still alive
Tony Hutchinson is still alive. Picture: Channel 4
Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

Hollyoaks’ fans went wild after it was revealed Tony Hutchinson wasn't killed by Breda McQueen.

Hollyoaks fans breathed a collective sigh of relief last night when it was revealed Tony Hutchinson is in fact alive.

The soap legend, played by Nick Pickard, seemingly met his end after evil Breda McQueen stabbed him in the stomach.

Tony and Breda had a dramatic face-off after he unmasked her as the village's secret serial killer.

However, it seems that Breda didn't quite manage to finish the job as she now has him captive at her old family pig farm.

In Monday night’s first-look episode, Breda walked into one of the farm outbuildings where Tony could be seen lifeless on the floor.

"How's God's little miracle today?" she asked.

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And Twitter went wild for the news, as one fan wrote: “YES Tony is alive. Never been so happy to see a character before. Thank god....”

“Just watched tonight’s first look #Hollyoaks SO beyond relieved Tony is still alive #TheLegendLivesOn,” said another.

A third added: “#Hollyoaks I knew they couldn't kill OG Tony!”

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Despite surviving one encounter with Breda, Tony is far from safe as Louis Loveday was previously trapped in the same pig farm earlier this year, but was murdered by the killer.

Since arriving in Chester last year, Breda has been on a mission to ‘cleanse’ the village of all men whom she deems to be bad dads.

She’s also got rid of Russ Owen (Stuart Manning), Carl Costello (Bob Cryer), Mac Nightingale (David Easter) and Tony's son Harry Thompson (Parry Glasspool).

Meanwhile, back in the village, Breda managed to stop the search party for Tony after telling his wife Diane that he’d run away with a mystery woman.

This comes after actor Nick revealed he’s been ‘overwhelmed’ by the reaction to his storyline.

"I'm not really active on social media," he told the Radio Times.

"I'm not even a big texter, I'm a phone calls man. Although I did have a little look and I was overwhelmed by the reaction it got.

"It makes you feel nice to know loads of people are watching and enjoying it. There were thousands of comments."

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