Who is Love Island's Georgia Townend? Age, Instagram and job revealed

21 July 2021, 11:20 | Updated: 21 July 2021, 15:57

Who is Love Island's Georgia?
Who is Love Island's Georgia? Picture: Instagram/Georgia Townend

Georgia is one of the new Love Island bombshell girls - find out how old she is, where she's from, and what she does for a job.

Love Island is heating up, and we now have a whopping three new bombshells arriving to stir up trouble.

Georgia, Abigail and Tyler have now entered the villa, and we can't wait to see what drama they cause.

Here's everything you need to know about Georgia Townend.

Who is Georgia Townend? What's her age and job?

Georgia, 28, is a marketing executive from Essex.

Speaking about her decision to go on Love Island, she said: "I’ve been single for a really long time. Five years. I haven’t done the maths but it’s at least that. I feel like I’ve exhausted all the other options on how to meet people."

New boy and two new girls set to enter Love Island villa

Who will Georgia couple up with?

We don't yet know who Georgia will couple up with, but she has stated that she has her eye on Hugo Hammond.

She said: "Hugo - he is my absolute number one and I can’t wait to get to know him. Also, I love Teddy’s charm and charisma. I also like Aaron."

Speaking about what she's looking for in a guy, she added: "I like someone who we can have solid flirt to roast ratio, as in he can tease me but he will treat the things that I care about with respect and with the clemency that they deserve. I don’t want someone that is really vacuous and isn’t aware of what’s going on in the world."

Is Georgia Townend on Instagram?

She is - you can follow her @georgiatownend_.

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