Love Island fans convinced they recognise bombshell Rosie Seabrook

28 February 2023, 07:36

Two bombshells to enter the villa in Love Island first look

How old is Love Island's Rosie Seabrook and where is she from? Here's what we know about the bombshell...

Love Island fans are convinced Rosie Seabrook has been on TV before joining the cast.

The most recent bombshell has been at the centre of some serious drama after she decided to couple up with Casey O'Gorman, despite him being paired with Claudia Fogarty.

But as well as watching the love triangle implode, viewers appear to recognise Rosie from another TV show.

"Idk but I feel like I’ve seen this Rosie girl somewhere before? #loveisland,” said someone on Twitter, while someone else said: “What show has Rosie been on before? I really know her face! #LoveIsland."

Rosie Seabrook has joined the Love Island line up
Rosie Seabrook has joined the Love Island line up. Picture: Instagram

A third responded: "I’ve been thinking the same."

But while she hasn’t been on TV before, some people think Rosie strikes a resemblance to former Love Island star Zara McDemott.

“Rosie looks like Zara Mcdermott! #loveisland,” said someone, while a second added: “Rosie is giving me Zara McDermott (S4) vibes.#loveisland.” Let’s find out more about her:

Rosie Seabrook age

Rosie Seabrook is 24-years-old and hails from Buckinghamshire. Before entering the villa she opened up about her very unusual fear.

Rosie coupled up with Casey on Love Island
Rosie coupled up with Casey on Love Island. Picture: ITV

Rosie said: "I have a really bad phobia of frozen food, I can’t touch frozen food.

"I can’t go anywhere near the freezer. If my mum jam packs the freezer and I have to try and get something out that I need, I just can’t... I have to ask someone else to get it out for me.

"If I’m shopping and I have to go near the frozen section, it honestly makes me feel sick!"

Rosie Seabrook’s job

Rosie works as an Industry Placement Advisor which means she is responsible for sourcing, preparing and placing students on work placements and work-related learning.

Rosie Seabrook is hoping to find love on Love Island
Rosie Seabrook is hoping to find love on Love Island. Picture: Instagram

Outside of her work, the Love Island star has opened up about the man she’s looking for in the villa.

"Personality is the main thing for me; they need to be funny. I can’t be with someone that doesn’t make me laugh,” she said.

Rosie Seabrook Instagram

You can find Rosie on Instagram @rosieseabrook, where she currently has over 12k followers.

Here, you can find Rosie chilling with her friends, enjoying nights out and jetting off on plenty of holidays.

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