How old Is Love Island's Danica Taylor?

30 June 2022, 09:42

Danica makes her entrance on Love Island

What is Danica Taylor's age? Here's everything we know about the Love Island star...

Love Island fans will know Danica Taylor hasn’t exactly been lucky when it comes to finding a partner on the show.

Arriving as a bombshell, the dancer first set her sights on Luca Bish, before sharing a kiss with Davide Sanclimenti.

But how old is Danica and where is she from? Here’s what we know…

Danica Taylor is starring on Love Island
Danica Taylor is starring on Love Island. Picture: Instagram

What is Danica’s age?

Love Island’s Danica is 21-years-old and hails from Leicester.

She said before entering the villa she is determined to go after what she wants, admitting: “I am definitely going to go in there and step on a few toes and I am more than happy to go after what I want.

“I feel like I am quite a relatable person. I’ve come from a small town but I’ve got a lot in me. I like to be silly. I’ve got an immature side and a mature side.”

Danica graduated university with a degree in dance and also works as a professional dancer.

She has even toured with international DJ Jax Jones and performed on stage.

Love Island star Danica is 21-years-old
Love Island star Danica is 21-years-old. Picture: ITV

How tall is Danica from Love Island?

Danica previously told Luca that she is just below 5ft3 but likes to round up.

The dancer previously explained why she’s currently single, and said: “My last relationship I was in for quite a long time, but he wasn’t meeting what I needed in a relationship.

“I need someone who can match my energy. I am an extrovert and in my previous relationship he was very introverted so we didn’t meet on a level.”

Her mum would also describe her as “a bit of a princess, a bit dramatic and always thinks [she is] right.”

She added: “I don’t really see competition, I am a very self-assured girl, I know myself, I know what I bring to the table and there are stunning girls in that Villa but I back myself.

“There’s obviously going to be competition because there are guys in there that I like that are already interested in other girls but I have no fear that I won’t be able to turn heads.”

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