Mare of Easttown viewers have some wild theories about *that* photo

25 May 2021, 10:40 | Updated: 25 May 2021, 10:48

Mare of Easttown viewers have some wild theories about *that* photo
Mare of Easttown viewers have some wild theories about *that* photo. Picture: HBO

By Emma Clarke

With just one more episode to go, fans are going wild over the photo found in Erin's diary.

WARNING: Episode 6 spoilers ahead

After what can only be described as an emotional rollercoaster, Mare of Easttown is coming to an end next week, with just one more episode to go.

But, despite the fact the conclusion is drawing ever closer, the show still managed to serve yet another curveball in Monday's episode.

Not only did episode 6 confirm that Detective Colin Zabel really is dead, we heard Billy confess to Erin's murder, learnt more about the tragic death of Mare's son Kevin and witnessed an unnecessarily distressing bathtub scene.

And while viewers are reeling over all the events that happened, there's one detail in particular that has sent the internet into meltdown: the photo.

As fans will recall, the photo was in amongst Erin's diaries and her friend Jess managed to sneak it into her pocket before she, Dylan and their pal burnt the books on a fire pit.

Whilst it seemed at first as though Jess would keep schtum about everything, she decided to go to the police after Dylan chased her in his car and threatened her with a gun.

Obviously the three of them have been up to no good, but it's not exactly clear what happened to tie them all together.

Meanwhile, Mare had a hunch about the Ross family reunion, which took place on the same date that's marked on Erin's heart-shaped necklace. She also got the receipt from the jewellers and now knows who bought Erin the chain (even if we don't).

Billy's dad then admitted to his other son John that he saw Billy covered in blood the night Erin was murdered, before John confronted his brother and extracted a confession about Erin's death. It's also suggested that Billy is DJ's real father.

Despite promising her husband John that she won't tell Mare, Lori spilt the tea to her pal, sending Mare off to the river where the brothers went - with a gun in their tackle box.

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Back at the police station, however, Jess came forward with the photo from Erin's diary, seemingly unlocking a key detail in the mystery surrounding Erin's death - and pretty much confirming the case isn't quite tied up yet.

Since, Mare of Easttown fans have been speculating about what's pictured in the snap. Here are the most wild and convincing theories out there.

Reddit fans have turned up the exposure to provide a clearer outline of the photo
Reddit fans have turned up the exposure to provide a clearer outline of the photo. Picture: HBO/Reddit

It's John Ross holding DJ

While Billy confessed to killing Erin and it was alluded to that something untoward happened at the family reunion, fans think it is actually John Ross who's DJ's father - and possibly responsible for Erin's death.

Sure, Billy may have shot at Erin, but that doesn't mean he killed her. Equally, John could have asked his brother to help him get rid of Erin, to contain his secret.

Or maybe it's Kevin Sheehan?

Another convincing theory is that Mare's son Kevin is DJ's real father. The timing would match up, as Kevin died in February 2018, before DJ was born in November that year.

Perhaps Erin took a photo of her and Kevin while she was pregnant with DJ? Perhaps Mare's ex-husband Frank knew Kevin was the real father and that's why he helped Erin out after Kevin died?

It's actually Mare's ex-husband Frank

If Kevin is the real father, perhaps it is Frank in the photo with DJ? We know he's not the baby's father, as the paternity test disproved it, but he could have gone to visit the baby after Kevin's death.

Erin is photographed in bed with John

If John is the real baby daddy, perhaps it's an incriminating photo of him and Erin, rather than an image of him holding DJ?

It would also make sense that Chief Carter tells his team to call Mare urgently, before she confronts Billy by the river.

Lori and John's son Kevin is in the photo

We're not so convinced about this one, but John and Lori's son definitely knows more than he's letting on. It is more likely that he walked in on his dad and Erin at the family reunion.

It's a photo of Erin's body

Some fans are convinced that whoever took Erin's life also snapped a photo of her body. Beyond being absolutely sick, it also seems improbable, because how would that photo end up inside Erin's diary?

Nope, it's Siobhan and not Erin at all

A few Reddit users are convinced that they can see the outline of Siobhan's head. Why she would be in the photo, though, is a mystery.

It's Erin holding a burrito

We have no words for this one...

It's actually Rose DeWitt Bukater

Finally, the most outlandish fan theory about the Mare of Easttown photo is that it's................Rose from Titanic.

Mare of Easttown concludes on Monday, May 31 on Sky and NOW TV.

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