Married at First Sight Australia behind-the-scenes secrets revealed

8 February 2021, 12:28

Check out the Married at First Sight production secrets
Check out the Married at First Sight production secrets. Picture: Channel Nine/E4

Is Married at First Sight Australia fake? Check out these production secrets...

If you’re anything like us, you’re probably hooked on Married at First Sight Australia right now.

E4 is currently airing the sixth series of the show more than two years after it was filmed back in 2019.

But if you were wondering how they filmed the social experiment and what went on behind-the-scenes, we’ve got you covered.

Check out some production secrets from MAFS Australia below…

Most of the stars are headhunted

Most participants don’t actually audition for the show, but are headhunted by Channel Nine at events and on Instagram.

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Despite thousands of people applying to be on the show, only Matthew Bennett actually made it onto the show by auditioning.

An ex-MAFS Australia contestant told TV Week a producer spotted him at a football game, explaining: “I said no, but took the producer’s card.

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“Then they called me when I was at the pub and was convinced it was a good idea!”

The contestants are banned from posting on social media

Apparently, the stars can't post on Instagram before, during or after the show.

Nasser Sultan previously opened up about his time on Married at First Sight Australia
Nasser Sultan previously opened up about his time on Married at First Sight Australia. Picture: Channel Nine

This is so that all the storylines are kept a secret and viewers don’t find out whether the couples are still together.

Former contestant Nasser Sultan previously told WHO that producers also temporarily take control of their social media pages.

As with shows here in the UK too, the couples are also not allowed to make money from their Instagram pages so that means no endorsements or advertising products.

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Some of the homes are Airbnbs

Part way through the show, viewers get a peek into the contestants’ lives as they arrive back home after their honeymoon.

But according to reports, Airbnbs were used if real homes weren’t available.

Tamara Joy, Jessika Power and Billy Vincent are all said to have stand-in homes organised by producers.

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Couples have to send pictures of their dinner party outfits to producers

Apparently, the couples have to let the producers know what they’re wearing to the dinner parties to make sure it ‘works on camera’.

Nassar previously said: “We each have to send photos of our outfits to producers prior to the dinner parties and commitment ceremonies to make sure they like them and that they work on camera.”

They have to fill in a lengthy questionnaire before the show

To ensure they are being set up with the best possible match, the stars have to answer 500 questions about their previous relationships and what they are looking for.

Ex-MAFS UK contestant Clark told Cosmopolitan: “It was a 500 question questionnaire that goes through your likes, your dislikes, all the intricate pieces of information about you.

“Your religious views, your political views, what you find attractive, your sexual history, whether you are sexually active. If you want to match with someone of the same ilk as you, you’d like to think they match you on the same morals and what you’ve said when you’re doing it.”

Meanwhile, newest Married at First Sight UK star Owen Jenkins recently told us he ‘didn’t expect’ the amount of detail the process involved, as he explained he was quizzed 'for hours', while his friends and family were also interviewed.

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