Lady Gaga reveals what Bradley Cooper told her before their Oscars performance

26 February 2019, 09:10

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper raised eyebrows with their performance . Picture: Getty

Shallow hitmakers, Gaga and Cooper shared an intimate moment before the Oscars.

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper had the world questioning their special relationship when they performed an intimate rendition of Shallow at the Oscars on Sunday night.

Now, the touching words shared between the A Star is Born co-stars before their Oscars performance has been revealed.

Gaga, who along with Cooper won the Academy Award for Best Original Song, said the handsome actor told her: "Let's drop a little bit of joy."

Continuing to share his insightful comments, she added: "One of the hardest things in life is to be brave enough to be yourself. I wish to everyone that is going to that celebration to feel a joy inside of them.

"That’s actually what Bradley said to me yesterday, right before we did our last rehearsal for this performance of Shallow, he said, 'Let’s just drop a little bit of joy.' And I said, 'Okay.' And turns out, joy did a whole lot for me."

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Gaga - who stunned on the red carpet with a £23 million Tiffany necklace - raised eyebrows during her sensual performance with Bradley while his girlfriend Irina Shayk watched on from the audience.

Bradley, who has a daughter with Victoria's Secret model Irina, gazed lovingly into Gaga's eyes as she belted out the hit song, even sitting down next to her at the piano and wrapping his arm around her waist.

The moment didn't go unnoticed by Mel B, who said on Good Morning Britain that Gaga 'broke girl code' with the performance.

"When we watched the end, when they come together..." Piers said to Mel, as she put her head in her hands.

"See, I felt so uncomfortable for Bradley's girlfriend, oh my gosh," Mel added.

"It was the look of love, wasn't it?" Piers pointed out."It really was and that's the whole gossip. That's the whole thing," Mel agonised.

Adding further fuel to speculation, Piers pointed to the fact Gaga had recently called off her engagement to finance Christian Carino.

Piers went on: "Lady Gaga taking her engagement ring off - she just broke off from her fiance - and if you put the maths together, you have engagement ring off, and then staring at Bradley Cooper in a way that I would say crosses a few lines."

Mel later gave Gaga the benefit of the doubt, adding: "But I would like to think it was part of the whole performance, because there's a women's code and hopefully that's not... hopefully it's only professional."