Loose Women viewers divided as Mr Men books are labelled 'sexist'

3 December 2019, 13:43

The panellists discussed whether the much-loved books need to change with the times.

Loose Women viewers were divided earlier today after the panellists discussed whether Mr Men books are 'sexist'.

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Coleen Nolan, Janet Street-Porter, Brenda Edwards and Denise Welch were divided on the issue, with Janet arguing that the books do need to change with the times.

The panelists were divided on the issue
The panelists were divided on the issue. Picture: ITV

Host Coleen introduced the segment, saying: "The famous Mr Men series has been labelled sexist after Mr Clever was accused of mansplaining to Little Miss Curious.

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Denise then read out the offending segment, saying: "They all caught the train to Scotland, on the way to Edinburgh they passed the fourth bridge.

Denise thought that people were being too sensitive
Denise thought that people were being too sensitive. Picture: ITV

"Mr Clever explained that it was named after the river forth. Little Miss Curious thought for a moment. So, what happened to the river first, river second and river third? She asked. Mr Clever sighed, it was going to be a very long day."

Denise made her feelings about the controversy very clear, miming picking up a phone and saying: "I personally never in a million years would have read that and thought 'hello, ii’ve got a complaint to make about sexism in the Mr Men books'. Personally, I think it’s going a little bit too far."

Janet disagreed, revealing that she'd never even heard of Mr Men and adding: "I grew up on real books. I think that sounds patronising."

She then said: "I think these little men and women books should up themselves and get a little bit more gender fluid."

Not all viewers agreed with Janet, though, with one tweeting: 'Surely the issue is that it doesn't matter as long as children read.

Janet believes the books should be more gender fluid
Janet believes the books should be more gender fluid. Picture: ITV

PhD student Shelby judged accused the book of sexism, saying, according to Metro: "The quote “It was going to be a long day” tells girls that men are exasperated with you for existing."

"They’re using Mr Men to enforce these ridiculous antiquated gender roles.

"It’s not so obvious, because it’s meant to be a funny joke but then it’s always at the expense of women – it’s punching down.

"You should punch up and attack the people above – like politicians or world structures – or you can go on an equal playing field. You don’t have to joke at the expense of anyone, there’s just no need."


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